MEPs see path to Brussels data agency through AI Act

A European Parliament committee has approved the latest opinion on the forthcoming AI Act, including a contentious proposal for EU-level oversight of the technology and beyond.

07 September 2022

Data Changemakers: Sarah Chander

European Digital Rights senior policy advisor and AI lead Sarah Chander says policymakers, industry and civil society groups need to rethink the notion of the digital rights holder and challenge the “computational infrastructure” of Big Tech.

05 August 2022

UK suggests AI approach be applied by regulators

The UK government has proposed that regulators, including the Information Commissioner’s Office, be tasked with overseeing artificial intelligence – a decentralised approach diverging from the European Union.

18 July 2022

Data Changemakers: Estelle Massé

Access Now’s Europe legislative manager and global data protection lead Estelle Massé says more dialogue is needed between civil society and industry about the fundamental rights that underpin compliance.

01 July 2022

UK to change copyright law to boost AI innovation

The UK government has announced a new exception to copyright law around data mining which will allow for the technique to be used “for any purpose”, as long as the material has been lawfully accessed – a change it said will benefit the country’s AI strategy.

29 June 2022

Data Changemakers: Katarzyna Szymielewicz

In the first edition of Data Changemakers, co-founder and president of Panoptykon Katarzyna Szymielewicz tells GDR that the Digital Services Act will drive civil society action.

06 June 2022

NHS trusts face questions over data sharing with healthtech company

NGO medConfidential has sent a letter to NHS trusts asking them to terminate contracts with Sensyne Health and to require the company to delete patient data the trusts exchanged for shares.

30 May 2022

End-user transparency not the key objective of AI Act

A European Commission official has said that the upcoming AI Act will only regulate the relationship between the developers of AI systems and their customers because transparency is already well defined in the context of data subject rights under existing data laws.

25 May 2022

Lawmaker touts sandboxes as key to responsible AI

An MEP has said regulatory sandboxes are essential to enable smaller businesses to compete with giants and provide them with the security to experiment, interact with regulators, and obtain confirmation that the products they develop are compliant.

23 May 2022

Clearview ordered to pay £7.5 million in latest European penalty

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has fined Clearview AI £7.5 million (€8.9 million) and ordered the company to delete all data of UK citizens.

23 May 2022

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