CNIL: Clearview in breach of GDPR

France’s data protection watchdog has ordered Clearview AI to stop collecting images of French data subjects scraped from the internet and to delete user data within two months.

05 January 2022

“Drowning in data”: survey reveals chief data officer challenges and priorities

Data fragmentation and complexity are the main barriers blocking organisations from making full use of their data, a survey says.

04 January 2022

New report underlines difference between UK and EU approach to AI

A UK government AI report continues the country’s divergence from the EU’s approach to oversight of the developing sector.

09 December 2021

Clearview AI faces £17 million UK fine

The Information Commissioner’s Office has handed Clearview AI a £17 million (€20 million) provisional fine for falling short of a number of data protection obligations.

30 November 2021

Future of AI regulation becomes GDPR battleground

MEPs have pushed back against assertions that new AI legislation will involve a reassessment of the GDPR’s accomplishments, arguing that the landmark legislation will still be relevant in the next phase of data regulation.

09 November 2021

MEP: GDPR a warning for AI rules – not an example

Artificial intelligence regulation in the EU needs to have a lighter touch than previous data legislation, a leading MEP has told GDR.

05 November 2021

Climate change and data

World leaders are focusing on COP26 and the climate crisis. SnapLogic chief technology officer Craig Stewart outlines how data, AI and machine learning could help the world fight back.

02 November 2021

Latest BIPA action targets AWS

Amazon Web Services faces a class action lawsuit in its capacity as a cloud provider, with plaintiffs alleging it breached the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act by storing facial scans on behalf of a video game company.

01 November 2021

Is the AI Act good for consumers?

Academics and consumer representatives have said the draft EU AI Act fails to properly protect consumers – with a Facebook policy manager saying it remains unclear exactly what uses of the technology would be banned.

26 October 2021

GDR explores US-China tech competition

The AI development race between the US and China could shape the geopolitical landscape for the next century, according to GDR's Q3 2021 Special Report.

21 October 2021

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