AI startup denied injunction against Facebook

A Boston federal judge has denied Massachusetts-based Neural Magic’s motion for a preliminary injunction against Facebook, finding that the facts of the case are too contested to conclude that the startup is reasonably likely to prove that Facebook stole its AI trade secrets.

01 June 2020

Big data continues to shine during market rally

Big data has continued to outperform most other industries as markets rally from their March and April lows, with the cloud computing and cybersecurity sectors leading the way with double-digit gains on the year.

27 May 2020

US AI commission wants centralised data network

The US National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence has called for the creation of infrastructure that would centralise the country’s AI-ready data sets.

07 May 2020

TikTok hit with BIPA lawsuit

The guardians of two minors have filed a class action lawsuit against TikTok for allegedly using facial scans on them without their knowledge or consent.

06 May 2020

Alphabet’s Q1 financial results portend 2020 adtech slowdown

Google and YouTube saw steep drop-offs in revenue after covid-19 was declared a global pandemic, suggesting that 2020 could be a rocky year for companies with targeted advertising-based business models.

29 April 2020

Covid-19: Chatbots proving invaluable, AI researcher says

Investment in artificial intelligence chatbot technology has paid off during the covid-19 crisis, according to an analyst in that field – who has warned that organisations which shun the technology are likely to fall behind after the crisis recedes.

24 April 2020

Big data weathers the economic storm

Data-driven companies have mostly outperformed the market during the economic shutdown, with cloud computing leading the way and posting modest gains thus far in 2020.

23 April 2020

Washington passes public sector facial recognition law

Washington’s governor has signed off on legislation regulating how the state’s public agencies use facial recognition technology.

01 April 2020

Direct link between data maturity and profit, study finds

Businesses with more mature data strategies see a large boost in profit as a result of increased revenue, improved efficiency and better customer retention, a study by data analytics company Splunk has found.

20 March 2020

AI startup accuses Facebook of trade secrets theft

Facebook has stolen, used and published a startup’s proprietary algorithms that could “revolutionise” the field of AI, a lawsuit has claimed.

05 March 2020

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