DPAs have “ethical duty” to improve laws, says ICO deputy chief

UK data privacy official Steve Wood has said regulators must recommend changes to laws where they see shortcomings.

25 October 2018

ICDPPC unveils AI guidelines

An international grouping of data privacy watchdogs and a group of NGOs have stressed the importance of transparency in separate advisory guidelines.

24 October 2018

Public bodies must be transparent on AI and algorithms, German watchdogs say

Nine German data protection commissioners have urged public bodies that use AI and algorithms to adopt a “transparency by design” approach in an effort to improve accountability.

19 October 2018

Regulate AI output rather than process, says lawyer

Regulation should address the potentially harmful results of AI, rather than the process through which it reaches those results, a barrister has said.

01 October 2018

Senior Dechert lawyers to head US law school’s new financial regulation institute

10 August 2018

Regulation could hamper AI, warn in-house counsel

07 August 2018

Singapore privacy commissioner announces new training modules

23 July 2018

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