GDR announces GDR Connect: Effective strategies for managing, protecting and exploiting data

Global Data Review will hold a series of free virtual events in late June focusing on all aspects of the acquisition, use, trade and protection of all forms of data.

GDR Connect will allow delegates to better understand how companies and their advisers manage data assets in an ever-evolving landscape. As data law continues to coalesce into a single coherent practice, in-house teams and the lawyers who advise them need to stay informed and up to date with the latest best practice and insight – and that’s what GDR Connect will provide.

The events will be held on Zoom each day between 21-25 June with each starting at 4PM (GMT). The interactive sessions will cover topics such as the shift from AI ethics to hard regulation, navigating global data issues, managing supply chain risk, protecting new data generation and exploring and exploiting new data opportunities.

Each event will be a unique opportunity to learn best practices in managing the risks and opportunities associated with corporate data management and network with data experts.

Find out more about the event here, and register here. Please contact Chris Black ([email protected]) about sponsorship opportunities.

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