GDR launches ECJ Case Tracker tool

Subscribers can keep up to date with all GDPR-era cases referred to the EU’s highest court.

Combining ECJ case records with GDR analysis and coverage, the ECJ Case Tracker tool allows readers to track the court’s caseload and see which issues the court is set to resolve.

Delivered as a trackable and sortable table, the dataset allows readers to instantly access all public information about ongoing cases – as well as GDR-sourced information about cases that courts have decided to refer, but have yet to appear on the ECJ’s docket.

Analysing the data also reveals which countries are referral hotspots, allowing readers to better understand the GDPR regulatory and litigation landscape in individual member states.

The tracker also provides details on the source of referrals: GDR has established whether issues have arisen in appeals against data protection authorities, private litigation, appeals against non-DPA authorities, criminal prosecutions and European Commission enforcement via the ECJ.

For example, the tracker currently demonstrates that data protection authority appeals are not the top source of referrals as of late August 2021 – although it's possible that this will increase as more regulatory investigations are started and concluded.

The tracker will be regularly updated and expanded.

Access the ECJ Case Tracker tool here.

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