GDR Special Report: EU data reform - risks and opportunities

GDR has published ‘EU data reform: risk and opportunity’, which maps and assesses new European legislation that will crack down on certain types of data collection and use practices and tighten up cybersecurity – but also provide some companies with new opportunities to gather and exploit valuable data assets.

The special report, which can be found in the GDR Reports Centre, is the first in a series of quarterly reports that will take deep dives into important data-related developments.

The Q1 2021 report takes a unique approach to assessing the likes of the EU’s Data Act, Data Governance Act, NIS 2 Directive, Digital Markets Act and more: it analyses how the legislation will create new risks and opportunities for those who wish to exploit data.

Alongside that analysis, the report contains a series of accessible explainers that set out key provisions in the legislation. The full report acts as a detailed yet accessible guide to the complex legislative package.

GDR’s special reports complement its regular analysis of the most important data developments around the world.

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