Amazon under fire for allegedly using seller data to develop products

A US senator wants the Department of Justice to investigate reports that Amazon has used data about independent sellers to develop its own competing, private-label products – a practice company policy prohibits.

29 April 2020

Internet titans butt heads with enforcer on online advertising

Google and Facebook have pushed back against the UK competition enforcer’s interim report on data in digital advertising – though many other commenters say the companies’ power should be curbed.

14 April 2020

Emergency measures force Google to pay publishers for content use

A French regulator has given Google three months to negotiate an acceptable fee to pay news publishers for displaying their content in its search results, following allegations that the company implemented abusive practices after the implementation of the EU Copyright Directive.

14 April 2020

Google ordered to disclose search algorithm

An English court has ordered search giant Google to reveal details about its “crown jewel” search algorithms to an opposing expert witness in antitrust litigation.

23 March 2020

Facebook attacks data antitrust litigation

Facebook is seeking to shut down a lawsuit that has challenged its data access policies.

18 March 2020

Sports data company starts new battle

Sportradar, which has at least twice been embroiled in data-related litigation in the English courts, has sued three companies over a request for data supply services in the UK’s specialist antitrust tribunal.

13 March 2020

Study: GDPR boosted Google market share and cut third-party cookies

Google’s market share has risen “significantly” since the GDPR went into effect and led to a decrease in the number of websites placing third-party tracking cookies, a study has found.

11 March 2020

Australian regulator probes Google/Fitbit

Australia’s competition authority has launched an informal investigation into Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, on the same day that the authority’s head spoke about the difficulties in assessing mergers in the digital sector.

28 February 2020

Australian watchdog releases consumer data right privacy guidelines

Australia’s data watchdog has released guidance for businesses on how to protect consumers’ privacy under the country’s new consumer data right.

25 February 2020

FTC to probe the value of Big Tech’s data

A US Federal Trade Commission investigation will force five major technology companies to reveal the value of data they acquired through the purchase of smaller businesses.

12 February 2020

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