Antitrust lawsuit attacks Facebook data model

A US federal lawsuit has accused Facebook of illegally blocking rivals from accessing its data, coercing competing platforms into sharing their data, and protecting its market dominance by acquiring rivals.

17 January 2020

Google snubs ad industry with third-party cookie phaseout

Google is to phase out third-party cookies on its Chrome browser, in a move that observers say is likely to shake up the online advertising industry and could potentially drag the company into another antitrust row.

15 January 2020

Facebook’s failed Italian appeal confirms data’s economic value

An Italian court has rejected an appeal by Facebook against €10 million in fines it received from the country’s competition watchdog, saying consumer protection laws also apply to the processing of personal data because of its economic value.

13 January 2020

Australian government to review privacy framework

Australia’s government plans to introduce stricter privacy legislation by 2021 – supporting a regulator’s recommendation for higher penalties, broader definitions of personal data and strengthened consent requirements.

17 December 2019

Enforcers should see more data as a higher price, says Chopra

Competition authorities should equate digital platforms forcing users to share increasing amounts of data, with the platforms raising the price of access, a commissioner from the US Federal Trade Commission has said.

13 December 2019

EU targets Facebook and Google data practices

The European Commission has opened separate preliminary investigations into Google’s and Facebook’s data collection practices, adding to its list of probes against the technology companies.

03 December 2019

Collusive algorithms drive Spanish real estate probe

Spain’s competition authority has raided real estate brokers on suspicion they used algorithmic software to illegally fix commission rates.

29 November 2019

Consumer group calls for European data policy overhaul

A pan-European consumer organisation has recommended a wide-ranging overhaul of data-sharing policy in an attempt to address competition and consumer protection issues – and suggested setting up new regulators to oversee digital markets.

20 November 2019

Data key to antitrust in digital markets, DOJ official says

Free-to-user services may require more antitrust vigilance, not less, the head of the Department of Justice's antitrust division has said.

12 November 2019

Japan antitrust regulator cautions against search manipulation and data usage

Digital platforms that give themselves or their related companies preferential treatment by arbitrarily manipulating search algorithms could run afoul of Japan’s antitrust law, the country’s competition watchdog has said.

04 November 2019

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