LSE/Refinitiv deal may raise data issues

Data access remedies could play a role in the London Stock Exchange/Refinitiv merger review.

20 August 2019

FTC commissioner questions privacy and competition overlap

The US Federal Trade Commission’s settlement with email management provider has prompted one of its commissioners to highlight the trade-offs between competition and data privacy.

09 August 2019

UK regulator freezes data analytics deal

The UK’s antitrust authority has ordered Salesforce to stay separate from data visualisation software company Tableau while the agency investigates the acquisition.

06 August 2019

Australian watchdog backs privacy framework reform

An Australian watchdog has recommended wholesale reform of the country’s privacy laws – which it says are unfit to police current data practices.

31 July 2019

EU enforcer formalises Amazon data probe

The European Commission’s preliminary investigation into how Amazon uses Marketplace sellers’ data has become a formal probe of whether the company is abusing its dual role as platform operator and retailer.

18 July 2019

EU regulators take aim at data-driven business models

Leading EU competition and data protection regulators have vowed to combine forces and use a wider array of their powers to change the data-driven business models favoured by the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – as well as China’s tech giants.

10 July 2019

UK launches new digital strategy and market study

The UK competition authority’s new digital strategy includes plans to scale up its data unit, changes to the way tech and data acquisitions are reviewed, and a market study into online platforms and digital advertising.

08 July 2019

Data interoperability balances tech priorities, EU report author says

Requiring data interoperability may enable the social benefits of technology efficiencies while resolving competition concerns, an author of an EU report on digital markets has said.

25 June 2019

German enforcer: Innovation in digital economy is all about data access

The head of Germany’s Monopolies Commission has praised Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon for investing in innovation – but said they need to grant greater access to rivals.

04 June 2019

Wiewiórowski: Who says I’m stepping down?

The European Data Protection Supervisor’s second-in-command Wojciech Wiewiórowski has called for a more coherent approach by digital market regulators, while hinting that he will remain at the body in some capacity when his term ends in December.

29 May 2019

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