France fines EDF for abusive use of data

France’s Competition Authority has fined EDF €300 million after accusing the largely state-owned energy company of unlawfully exploiting the use of its customers’ data to maintain its dominance in the electricity supply market.

23 February 2022

Canadian privacy regulator weighs in on antitrust reform

Canada’s data protection authority has warned the government that a “traditionalist” approach to competition regulation could negatively impact privacy standards, instead encouraging increased cooperation between regulators.

22 February 2022

Android privacy changes draw scrutiny from CMA

The UK’s antitrust watchdog has said it will monitor Google’s initiative to extend privacy changes on its Chrome browser to its Android ecosystem to ensure it complies with commitments the tech company offered to end an abuse of dominance probe.

21 February 2022

UK tribunal deals with overlapping issues in parallel sports data litigation

Mr Justice Marcus Smith will ‘read across’ conclusions on market definition in a Competition Appeal Tribunal claim to related High Court litigation, as part of a battle between companies that provide sports data to the betting industry.

17 February 2022

Google agrees Privacy Sandbox restrictions

Google has agreed to a set of commitments to the UK’s competition watchdog as part of its development of a new Privacy Sandbox designed to replace the use of third-party cookies.

11 February 2022

Meta to take $10 billion hit from Apple’s privacy changes

Meta has said that Apple’s privacy updates will cost the social media giant about $10 billion in revenue in 2022.

03 February 2022

UK falling behind on digital market regulation, experts say

Experts in favour of digital markets regulation have said delays to the rollout of new Competition and Markets Authority powers to intervene in digital markets have allowed the EU to pull ahead.

01 February 2022

Google sued for using ‘dark patterns’ to track users

A bipartisan group of US state attorneys general have accused Google of deceiving users about how it tracks them, making similar claims to those made by Arizona in a separate ongoing case.

24 January 2022

UK finance regulator to probe competition in wholesale data markets

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority said it will examine the state of competition in two separate data markets after benchmark providers and investment companies raised concerns related to high entry barriers for new entrants.

21 January 2022

Data privacy claims against Facebook survive early stage of antitrust lawsuit

A US federal court has ruled that it was plausible that consumers suffered an antitrust injury due to Facebook’s alleged data privacy violations.

18 January 2022

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