Covid-19: Brazil’s top prosecutor defends telecoms data collection scheme

With Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court set to decide the lawfulness of a government order for telecoms companies to provide information on up to 226 million residents, the country’s attorney general has issued an opinion arguing that government’s scheme is constitutional given the circumstances presented by the covid-19 pandemic.

04 May 2020

Twitter and Facebook see adtech headwinds as cloud computing boosts Microsoft

Covid-19 has contributed to reductions in Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft’s advertising revenue, with Microsoft boasting major gains with its cloud computing services.

01 May 2020

Bolsonaro orders postponement of Brazil’s data protection law

Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro has issued a provisional measure that delays the enforcement of the country’s new general data protection law until May 2021.

30 April 2020

Alphabet’s Q1 financial results portend 2020 adtech slowdown

Google and YouTube saw steep drop-offs in revenue after covid-19 was declared a global pandemic, suggesting that 2020 could be a rocky year for companies with targeted advertising-based business models.

29 April 2020

Trace to the finish? Data concerns on contact-tracing apps

King & Spalding’s Kim Roberts examines issues raised by the rapid deployment of covid-19 contact tracing apps.

29 April 2020

Covid-19: Slovenian court to rule on constitutionality of data collection

Slovenia’s Constitutional Court is set to hear a challenge to an emergency coronavirus measure that authorises mass gathering of personal data.

27 April 2020

Covid-19: Brazilian court suspends government’s collection of telecoms data

Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court has suspended government plans to collect up to 226 million residents’ data in order to conduct an economic survey in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

27 April 2020

Sophie in ‘t Veld: legislation needed to end covid-19 data sharing

MEP and data privacy advocate Sophie in ‘t Veld explains her concerns over the sharing of personal data to help tackle the covid-19 crisis.

27 April 2020

Covid-19: Watchdog threatens fines for employee temperature checks

The Dutch data protection authority has threatened to impose fines on employers that check the body temperature of their staff – saying they cannot carry out such checks under any circumstances.

24 April 2020

Big data weathers the economic storm

Data-driven companies have mostly outperformed the market during the economic shutdown, with cloud computing leading the way and posting modest gains thus far in 2020.

23 April 2020

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