Court: Court of Justice of the European Union

ECJ to hear question on DPA obligation to explain fines

A Romanian court has asked the European Court of Justice to clarify data protection authorities' obligations to analyse and explain their decisions when imposing a fine.

21 March 2023

Ireland and EDPB conflict escalates

The Irish regulator has filed multiple cases with the ECJ against the EDPB over concerns the coordinating body overstepped its powers under the GDPR, a move that may widen the rift between European authorities.

22 February 2023

Member states have autonomy for GDPR fining, Deutsche Wohnen tells ECJ

Deutsche Wohnen has told the ECJ that German law stopping regulators from fining companies without identifying culpable managers takes precedence over the GDPR – exposing divisions between Germany and the European Commission over the clash between GDPR fining provisions and national laws.

17 January 2023

Finnish court sends questions about oral disclosure of data to ECJ

A Finnish court has referred questions on the scope of processing in the context of oral disclosures of data and the possibility of harmonising the right of access.

17 January 2023

German GDPR fines at stake in ECJ hearing

The EU’s highest court is set to decide whether Germany’s data protection authorities must hold individual managers responsible when imposing GDPR fines.

16 January 2023

ECJ confirms broad scope of access rights

The European Court of Justice has confirmed controllers must reveal the specific recipients of any data they shared in their responses to access requests, unless it is impossible or excessive to do so.

12 January 2023

ECJ does not resolve GDPR clash between courts and regulators

The EU’s highest court has said member states must ensure that potentially contradictory civil and data protection authority decisions do not water down individuals’ rights.

12 January 2023

ECJ advisers clarify scope of access rights

ECJ advisers have said in separate cases that subject access rights mostly do not entitle individuals to obtain copies of documents containing personal data, and that individuals can request information about processing that occurred before the GDPR came into effect.

15 December 2022

ECJ strengthens right to be forgotten

The European Court of Justice has said search engine operators have an obligation to delist results containing inaccurate information, but that it is up to individuals seeking to enforce their right to be forgotten to prove the content is inaccurate.

08 December 2022

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27 August 2021

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