Saudi Arabia and NSO to face another spyware challenge in UK

A British-Jordanian journalist has launched another legal challenge against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the company behind the Pegasus spyware, joining three other individuals bringing similar claims in the UK.

23 November 2022

LinkedIn loses bid to dismiss scraping suit

A US federal judge has denied LinkedIn’s motion to dismiss a bid by hiQ-linked 3taps to seek a declaration that it can scrape data off the social network.

17 November 2022

EDPS says upcoming product cybersecurity requirements need clarification

The European Data Protection Supervisor has said the relationship between proposed EU rules on cybersecurity requirements for digital products and existing data protection legislation needs to be clarified.

15 November 2022

Children’s data breach reveals potential UK enforcement gap

The UK’s privacy regulator has reprimanded a ministry for granting an employment screening company improper access to children’s data, but its investigation into the company was forced to end once it was dissolved.

11 November 2022

Limited role for chief legal officers in cybersecurity strategy

A recent survey found chief legal officers are increasingly playing a role in their organisations' cybersecurity strategy – but they likely aren’t leading such initiatives.

09 November 2022

Experian and T-Mobile enter $16 million settlement with 40 states

Experian and T-Mobile will pay $13.67 million (€13.56 million) and $2.43 million (€2.41 million) respectively for data breaches compromising nationwide customer data.

08 November 2022

Edtech provider agrees to overhaul data security

Chegg will adopt new cybersecurity and data privacy measures as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission that alleged the company’s inadequate controls led to multiple data breaches.

31 October 2022

Australian regulator gets Optus-linked budget boost as fines set to increase

Australia’s privacy regulator has received an additional A$5.5 million (€3.5 million) to fund its Optus breach investigation, and may be granted even higher fining powers than had previously been planned.

28 October 2022

French data controllers: time to get auditing

A September decision by France’s data regulator has proved a warning to French data controllers of the need to robustly audit data processors for GDPR compliance.

28 October 2022

Khan hints at bolder data protection enforcement

The chair of the US Federal Trade Commission has said her agency will re-examine the nature of ‘unfairness’ as it explores new ways to address the increasing overlap between its privacy, consumer protection and competition mandates.

25 October 2022

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