Cybersecurity could be on the back burner in tough economy

As historic inflation continues and central banks across the globe raise interest rates, companies may look to pause their cybersecurity initiatives.

21 June 2022

The need for clarity: whistleblowers in an opaque, digital world

Whistleblowers are a crucial way to expose cyberattacks, say Sanford Heisler Sharp partners Vincent McKnight and John McKnight and associate Sarah Chu.

21 June 2022

Legal departments dominate corporate compliance and privacy but only co-lead cybersecurity responses

Corporate legal departments undertake compliance and privacy work – but despite cybersecurity response’s similar growing corporate prominence, few companies turn exclusively to legal for those matters.

20 June 2022

OPM data breach impact may stretch beyond $63 million settlement

A judge preliminarily approving a $63 million settlement in the US Office of Personnel Management litigation could provide a playbook for securing other wins against federal government data breaches.

13 June 2022

German court refuses to rule on Kaspersky complaint

Germany’s federal constitutional court has decided not to rule on a complaint lodged by the anti-virus provider, after its request for an injunction against a government agency warning about its software was denied.

13 June 2022

Capital One class action certified

A British Columbia judge has granted certification to a C$800 million (US$638 million) data breach class action, but narrowed the lawsuit’s scope.

07 June 2022

TalkTalk litigation trimmed down

The High Court of England and Wales has dismissed misuse of private information claims relating to TalkTalk data breaches, but allowed data protection proceedings to continue and allowed the claimants to apply for further information about potential other breaches.

27 May 2022

TalkTalk says data breach litigation claimants conducting a “classic fishing expedition”

Counsel to TalkTalk has said that allowing parts of a data breach case against it to proceed would amount to “pure heresy in the face of all the jurisprudence”, following the claimants’ application for information about possible data breaches.

19 May 2022

Fractured deployment of NIS 2 could be headache for digital services

The political agreement between the European Parliament and European Council on the NIS 2 Directive brings the cybersecurity law closer to the finish line, but consensus in Brussels may belie the prospect of harmony between member states.

19 May 2022

More companies are disclosing cyberattacks to the government despite no legal requirement

Companies are increasingly disclosing their cyberattacks to government agencies even when they aren’t legally required to do so, encouraged by the normalcy of cyber incidents and the growing trend for corporate transparency.

17 May 2022

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