Topic: Cybersecurity

UK Huawei deal raises GDPR red flags, senior Microsoft counsel warns

Given the Chinese government’s strict data localisation laws and penchant for centralising data in the name of AI, a senior counsel at Microsoft has questioned how Huawei’s 5G project in the UK will comply with the GDPR.

21 February 2020

AT&T hack lawsuit defendant sues subcontractor

An outsourced call centre provider has settled an AT&T lawsuit that said it was responsible for a Medellin-based subcontractor’s poor security standards – and sued the Colombian company in US federal court.

21 February 2020

California auditor lambasts police for mishandling surveillance data

A Californian audit has identified numerous flaws in how local law enforcement agencies collect, handle, and disseminate images captured by their automated licence plate readers.

20 February 2020

EU considers forced data sharing

The European Commission may boost both forced and compulsory corporate data sharing, in a move aimed to encourage the use and re-use of data across the bloc.

19 February 2020

Capital One seeks dismissal of investor claims

Capital One has asked a Virginia court to throw out claims that it misled investors about the quality of its cybersecurity before a major hack.

19 February 2020

FTC seeks info on US company’s GDPR compliance

The US Federal Trade Commission is seeking to compel a Nevada-based data centre to produce internal documents related to the company’s compliance with the GDPR – arguing that such records are relevant to the regulator’s lawsuit over alleged Privacy Shield violations.

18 February 2020

Tight timeline for ambitious US military cybersecurity plan

The US Department of Defense is requiring its roughly 350,000 military contractors to have their cybersecurity systems independently assessed to be eligible for future projects.

18 February 2020

Insurance regulator calls for cyberattack database

The EU insurance authority has suggested the possibility of a centralised database on cyber incidents to foster greater data sharing amid concerns of “systemic risk” caused by cyberattacks.

17 February 2020

Indictments of Chinese hackers won’t change bottom line for Equifax

Equifax has incurred more than $1.7 billion in costs related to its 2017 data breach, the company has disclosed.

13 February 2020

Wawa faces fresh set of data breach suits

Several credit card companies have filed class action lawsuits against embattled convenience store and gas station Wawa – saying that they will bear the cost of a data breach the company suffered last year.

13 February 2020