LabMD suing US federal government over Tiversa hacking scandal

Armed with an Eleventh Circuit decision in his favour, LabMD owner Michael Daugherty continues to go after the US Federal Trade Commission for allegedly colluding with a hacker in an ill-conceived enforcement action – one that ultimately ruined his cancer-detection business.

21 January 2022

Arizona bill would ban taxpayer-funded ransomware payments

Cybersecurity experts say an Arizona proposal to ban publicly funded ransomware payments is a step in the right direction, but needs to be coupled with IT upgrades for public agencies.

13 January 2022

December news roundup

Plenty happened over the Christmas break. Regulatory authorities continued to clash with Big Tech, major pieces of litigation came back into the spotlight, and some notable fines were handed down.

04 January 2022

Spyware vendor and executives targeted

A human rights activist claims that spyware vendor DarkMatter Group accessed private material that led to prosecution in her native Saudi Arabia.

10 December 2021

Ransomware rulings leave insurance industry in flux

Several recent US court decisions have put insurers on the hook for ransomware attacks, threatening to upend an area of law that was thought to be settled.

09 December 2021

Microsoft obtains court order to seize hacking sites

A US federal court has granted Microsoft’s request to seize websites purportedly used by the China-based hacking group Nickel.

07 December 2021

FBI document disproves need encryption backdoor, NGO says

A recently published internal FBI document detailing the bureau’s collection of messaging metadata shows that law enforcers have ample investigatory tools and don’t need a backdoor to encrypted platforms, activists have said.

06 December 2021

Public sector becomes a NIS 2 sticking point

The Council of the European Union has agreed its position on the NIS 2 Directive, but some member states are already broadcasting plans to extend the new rules to local authorities.

03 December 2021

Irish bank regulator issues €24.5 million fine over IT breaches

Ireland's central bank has ordered the Bank of Ireland to pay the regulator's second-highest fine to date for breaching IT regulations, despite the lender’s full and voluntary cooperation with the investigation.

03 December 2021

Data security considerations add new wrinkle to Brazilian labour law

A Brazilian labour court has invoked the LGPD in a recent decision upholding the dismissal of an employee.

03 December 2021

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