Intel seeks dismissal of processor vulnerability class action

Intel has defended its decision to keep security vulnerabilities secret, as part of a bid to dismiss a class action it faces over the discovery of a major flaw in the security of its processors.

22 October 2018

King & Spalding adds two data partners to DC office

King & Spalding has added two partners to its data and security team in Washington, DC, a week after hiring a cybercrime expert from the US Department of Justice.

19 October 2018

SEC sounds the alarm on email fraud

The US Securities and Exchange Commission will take no action against nine public companies that lost $100 million through email fraud, but warned that regulated companies may need to reassess their accounting controls in light of emerging cyber risks.

18 October 2018

UK government releases IOT security code of practice

In a move praised by lawyers, the UK government has released a code of practice to help Internet of Things companies embed security into the design of their devices.

15 October 2018

King & Spalding hires cybercrime expert

The DOJ’s former counsel for cyber investigations, Scott Ferber, has rejoined King & Spalding as a partner in Washington, DC.

15 October 2018

CNIL adopts two standards for DPO certification

France’s CNIL has become the first data protection watchdog in Europe to adopt “absolutely necessary” standards for Data Protection Officer certification.

15 October 2018

Canada’s privacy watchdog seeks clarity on right to be forgotten

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has asked a federal court to clarify whether Google is subject to national privacy law – a decision which may establish a right to be forgotten.

12 October 2018

Google facing class action and possible probes over Google+ vulnerability

Google is facing a California class action and potential investigations by enforcers in the US and Europe after revealing that a bug in its social media platform Google+ compromised data of 500,000 users.

11 October 2018

EU regulators need educating on cybersecurity, says former US prosecutor

A former US Department of Justice prosecutor has said Europe has “some catching up to do” on cybersecurity despite being ahead of the US on data privacy, and detailed a case that saw a European regulator getting in the way of a breach response.

11 October 2018

UK supermarket liable for data leak as an employer, lawyer argues

Counsel to claimants against Morrisons has told the Court of Appeal of England and Wales that a data leak by a rogue employee falls under common law rather than data protection statute, as the supermarket was not the data controller when the conduct occurred.

10 October 2018

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