SCOTUS to clarify hacking law

The US’s highest court will hear at least one of a pair of cases that will see it interpret the extent of a federal anti-hacking law’s ban on unauthorised computer access.

21 April 2020

Holdout states reach settlement with Equifax

The two US states that didn’t join a multi-district settlement with Equifax last year have reached their own settlements with the company, touting their agreements as a better deal than what consumers in 50 other jurisdictions received.

20 April 2020

Banks phase out screen scraping for fintech data access

US bank Charles Schwab has followed JP Morgan Chase and Citibank by inking agreements with three fintech companies in an attempt to provide secure data access and move away from riskier screen scraping.

20 April 2020

Using Zoom safely

Mathilde Groppo of Carter-Ruck in London addresses the security risks associated with video-conferencing platform Zoom amid its coronavirus-related explosion in popularity, and how users can use the software safely.

20 April 2020

Hiscox sues retained law firm over data breach

Cyber insurance specialist Hiscox has sued a law firm over its alleged failure to protect its clients’ data and inform Hiscox about a 2016 data breach.

17 April 2020

DoD report inconclusive on Trump’s influence over $10 billion cloud computing contract

The US Department of Defense inspector general has found no evidence of undue influence on the selection of a contractor for the ‘JEDI’ cloud computing project – which defence officials say is desperately needed to update the Pentagon’s IT systems – but has determined that Microsoft’s proprietary information was improperly disclosed to Amazon during the bidding process.

16 April 2020

Facebook loses Colombian cybersecurity appeal

Colombia’s data protection enforcer has ordered Facebook to certifiably improve its security measures in the country – quashing an appeal by the social media company in the process.

16 April 2020

Data loss, disaster recovery and coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a wealth of data security issues, including increased risk of data loss. GDR spoke to KPMG chief information advisory manager Nick Amin about the new risks and what businesses can do to avoid losing valuable data.

15 April 2020

Zoom hit with securities lawsuit for misleading investors about cybersecurity

A Zoom shareholder has filed a class action lawsuit against the company for providing misleading information about the video chat app’s data privacy and cybersecurity measures – allegedly causing investors to buy Zoom stock at artificially inflated prices.

08 April 2020

Israeli surveillance company seeks to quash WhatsApp suit

Embattled Israeli company NSO Group has moved to dismiss a lawsuit filed by WhatsApp over its alleged exploitation of a vulnerability in the messaging service – saying its technology is indispensable for crime fighting efforts.

03 April 2020

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