Exclusive: British Airways hits back at GDPR class action

GDR exclusively reveals how British Airways is defending itself against cutting-edge arguments in the UK’s highest-profile GDPR data breach litigation.

13 August 2020

What reducing the planned British Airways fine could mean for the future of data protection

British Airways might pay a fraction of the data breach penalty that was floated last year. Aman Johal of Your Lawyers Ltd, who represents claimants against the airline, says this sends the wrong message.

10 August 2020

Capital One data breach fine signals cloud scrutiny

A US banking regulator has fined Capital One $80 million over problems with its cloud computing security processes that led to a massive data breach.

07 August 2020

FTC commissioners bang the privacy drum at oversight hearing

Behavioural advertising, Schrems II, data security, the need for legislative overhaul and other privacy-related topics dominated the latest congressional oversight hearing of the US Federal Trade Commission.

06 August 2020

Twitter expects nine-figure FTC fine

Twitter has warned investors that it faces a US Federal Trade Commission fine of up to $250 million.

04 August 2020

Microsoft promises to keep TikTok data in the US

Microsoft has promised to localise the data of US TikTok users as acquisition talks between the two parties heat up – while president Donald Trump mulls banning the China-owned social media platform.

03 August 2020

EU targets hackers

The EU has imposed asset freezes and travel bans on the suspected perpetrators of cyberattacks that knocked out major companies essential infrastructure across Europe.

03 August 2020

ICO British Airways fine could be slashed

The UK’s data watchdog last year said it planned to fine data breach victim British Airways £183 million (€206.3 million) – but the airline’s parent company has put aside a fraction of that amount to cover the payout in expectation of a lower penalty.

31 July 2020

UK fintech faces GDPR litigation

Claimants have sued credit history building fintech Loqbox over a data breach it suffered earlier this year.

30 July 2020

US corporation sues Angola for state-sponsored hack

Nevada-based Africa Growth Corporation has accused Angola’s government of stealing attorney-client communications from servers in the US – ultimately leading to the country abandoning a $47.5 million settlement in a separate dispute.

28 July 2020

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