New York regulator files first cybersecurity charges

The New York State Department of Financial Services has charged a Nebraska-based title insurance company for failing to shut down a five-year IT vulnerability, which the regulator says led to millions of internal records being exposed to anyone with a web browser.

24 July 2020

T-Mobile sued over cryptocurrency hack

A cryptocurrency mogul has sued T-Mobile for alleged security failures that resulted in the loss of millions of dollars.

23 July 2020

FBI: Chinese hackers tried to steal covid-19 research

A US federal grand jury has indicted two Chinese hackers for allegedly stealing trade secrets and personal data from hundreds of victims for the benefit of China’s government.

22 July 2020

China unveils draft Data Security Law

A new proposed Chinese data law intended to protect national security and the development of the digital economy sets out a series of measures designed to enhance data security. If enacted, the law could profoundly alter data security practices in China, as well as provide scope for extraterritorial application.

20 July 2020

Israeli surveillance company fails to quash WhatsApp lawsuit

A San Francisco federal court has rejected Israeli company NSO Group’s sovereign immunity arguments in its motion to dismiss a lawsuit by WhatsApp for hacking some of its users’ accounts.

17 July 2020

CCPA data breach lawsuit filed against Walmart

A class action lawsuit says Walmart for violated the newly enacted CCPA by failing to secure its customers’ data, leading to their personal information being placed for sale on the dark web.

15 July 2020

Judge trims Fiserv cybersecurity lawsuit

A Pittsburgh federal judge has quashed multiple claims in a credit union’s cybersecurity lawsuit against technology provider Fiserv, but allowed the overall case to continue.

15 July 2020

Debevoise: data strategy in focus

Debevoise & Plimpton partners Luke Dembosky and Avi Gesser head the firm’s data strategy and security practice. They told GDR about their plan to focus on data strategy, anticipating AI regulation, and getting regulators to talk to each other.

09 July 2020

HiQ: SCOTUS should not review scraping judgment

Data analytics company hiQ Labs has asked the US Supreme Court to deny LinkedIn’s petition to review an appeals court judgment that effectively allowed hiQ to scrape the platform’s public user data and resell it.

30 June 2020

Law enforcement can’t compel people to unlock their phones, Indiana court says

In a judgment that splits from another US state, the Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that the Fifth Amendment protects people there from being compelled by law enforcement to unlock their phones to search for incriminating evidence.

24 June 2020

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