Topic: Data localisation

Localisation drives Indian data centre investment

Private equity firm The Carlyle Group has bought a US$235 million stake in Indian company Nxtra Data amid a data localisation-driven uptick in demand for secure data storage.

06 July 2020

Brazil senate passes controversial 'fake news' bill

Brazil’s senate has passed a bill intended to combat fake news despite the objections of privacy advocates, sending the legislation to the country’s house of representatives.

02 July 2020

India bans TikTok over data sharing

India has blocked TikTok and multiple other Chinese apps amid geopolitical tensions and accusations that the app is mining citizens’ data.

02 July 2020

Brazil senate to vote on ‘fake news’ bill

Controversial biometric data collection measures have been removed from a Brazilian bill intended to combat fake news, but privacy advocates and legal experts still have concerns about legislation they say would violate civil liberties.

29 June 2020

Asia-Pacific data landscape set to change

Legal uncertainty and geopolitical rumblings in the Asia-Pacific region have led local businesses to reconsider their data storage strategies, observers say.

23 June 2020

EU single market for data one step closer to reality

EU efforts to create a data strategy and infrastructure which can compete with US and Asian technology giants are beginning to take shape.

08 June 2020

How Singapore is leading the way in Asia-Pacific data trade

The conclusion of negotiations for a digital trade agreement between Singapore and Australia demonstrates an ever-increasing emphasis in the region on data flows as a core component of international trade.

08 April 2020

Facebook and Twitter face Russian localisation escalation

Facebook and Twitter face ever-increasing fines in Russia over data localisation issues, as well as the threat of a ban from operating in the country – but observers say authorities are unlikely to block the services.

18 February 2020

WhatsApp faces fresh Indian scrutiny over data localisation

India’s highest court has heard renewed criticism over WhatsApp’s alleged failure to comply with data localisation rules, as it prepares to roll out a payment product.

11 February 2020

Facebook: Privacy laws will dampen 2020 ad revenue growth

Emerging privacy laws and other restrictions on targeted advertising will likely reduce Facebook’s advertising revenue in 2020, according to a senior executive at the company.

30 January 2020

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