Topic: Data localisation

Facebook and Twitter face Russian localisation escalation

Facebook and Twitter face ever-increasing fines in Russia over data localisation issues, as well as the threat of a ban from operating in the country – but observers say authorities are unlikely to block the services.

18 February 2020

WhatsApp faces fresh Indian scrutiny over data localisation

India’s highest court has heard renewed criticism over WhatsApp’s alleged failure to comply with data localisation rules, as it prepares to roll out a payment product.

11 February 2020

Facebook: Privacy laws will dampen 2020 ad revenue growth

Emerging privacy laws and other restrictions on targeted advertising will likely reduce Facebook’s advertising revenue in 2020, according to a senior executive at the company.

30 January 2020

2019 in data: policy

GDR’s editorial team brings you its coverage of the most significant data policy stories of 2019.

08 January 2020

GDR Insight Handbook 2020 launches

The first GDR handbook provides in-depth analysis of the global developments in key areas of data law.

07 January 2020

TikTok data practices attacked

Popular social media platform TikTok has illicitly “vacuumed up” and transferred users’ data to Chinese servers, according to a US federal lawsuit.

04 December 2019

US committee warned of China’s bulk data collection

China’s government will have legal and technical access to all digital data within its borders from next year, the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary has heard.

06 November 2019

Russia doubles down on localisation

Russia’s data watchdog has inspected three major foreign companies to check that they comply with data localisation rules.

27 September 2019

US strengthens data-rich inbound investment rules

Proposed rule changes would allow the US foreign investment committee to block deals that might endanger sensitive personal data.

19 September 2019

Australia’s encryption law probably incompatible with CLOUD Act and GDPR, lawyers warn

The Law Council of Australia has said that a controversial law that enables government agencies to compel companies to access and decipher encrypted communication clashes with major US and EU data laws.

22 July 2019