Data localisation

California law enforcer sued for out-of-state data transfers

A lawsuit against the Marin County Sheriff’s Office shows the extent to which law enforcers disseminate licence plate data, revealing that one department shared such information with more than 600 other agencies.

18 October 2021

Clearview BIPA case veers into personal finances

Clearview AI’s defence lawyers say plaintiff subpoenas for executives’ personal financial records are an improper fishing expedition.

14 October 2021

ByteDance to provide settlement notification via TikTok inbox

A US judge has blessed the $92 million settlement between ByteDance and plaintiffs after the company agreed to directly notify TikTok users about the deal.

04 October 2021

Capital One and AWS class action shot down

In a strongly-worded judgment, a Canadian judge has ruled that a C$240 billion (US$191 billion) data breach class action against Capital One and data processor Amazon Web Services is doomed to fail.

10 August 2021

Russia increases data localisation pressure

Russian authorities have fined Google and opened cases against WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter over violations of its personal data law – part of what observers say is a growing crackdown against the tech giants.

02 August 2021

China’s new Data Security Law – one month to implementation

Morgan Lewis & Bockius Shanghai partner Todd Liao and associate Sylvia Hu analyse how companies can comply with China’s new data security framework.

30 July 2021

Data localisation measures double in less than five years

The spread of data localisation measures is a growing threat to the digital economy, a US-based think tank has warned.

21 July 2021

Deadly data: Annie Jacobsen on the military origins of biometrics

Pulitzer Prize finalist Annie Jacobsen’s latest book, First Platoon, chronicles the US military’s massive and ultimately disastrous project to compile biometrics on nearly the entire population of Afghanistan. GDR talked to Jacobsen about the implications big data has for combat, democracy, privacy and other societal issues.

06 July 2021

US judge denies bid to put clamps on Clearview AI

The presence of two previously undisclosed offshore subsidiaries is not a sufficient reason to restrict facial recognition company Clearview AI from carrying out business in Illinois, a US federal district judge has ruled.

15 June 2021

Clearview AI declines agreement that would bar overseas data transfers

Clearview AI has said numerous times that it has no plans to transfer its US data to overseas subsidiaries – but the facial recognition company has declined to enter an agreement to that effect with the plaintiffs suing the company for alleged violations of the Illinois Biometric Privacy Information Act (BIPA).

21 May 2021

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