Data privacy

Australia passes privacy update

Australian lawmakers have cleared privacy legislation that will increase maximum fines, hand the country’s regulator extra investigative powers and increase its ability to undertake extraterritorial enforcement.

29 November 2022

ECJ to hear more access right questions

A German court has referred a series of questions on the scope and enforceability of access rights to the European Court of Justice.

29 November 2022

EDF fined €600,000 in France

The French data regulator has fined the country’s leading electricity company €600,000 after finding several GDPR breaches, including around the security of 2.4 million customer account passwords.

29 November 2022

Google loses another global right to be forgotten appeal

The Italian Supreme Court has ruled that the national privacy regulator has the power to issue global delisting orders, but recognised this might lead to conflict with national laws of foreign jurisdictions.

28 November 2022

Germany sets out health data principles

The coalition of German privacy regulators has set out a range of principles intended to underpin future data protection-compliant research based on health data.

25 November 2022

India privacy overhaul draws mixed reactions

Observers have criticised India’s new data protection bill over a lack of clarity and excessive governmental control – but praised its business-friendly and flexible provisions.

24 November 2022

Germany to declare use of Microsoft 365 by public authorities unlawful

A working group led by the Bavarian data protection authority is set to publish a report finding that public authorities cannot use Microsoft 365 in a legally compliant manner.

24 November 2022

ICO hits out at Clearview’s “extremely powerful monitoring tool”

The UK data regulator has urged a tribunal to reject Clearview AI’s narrow interpretation of the UK GDPR’s extraterritoriality provision, stressing that the company’s conduct constituted monitoring that is caught by the country’s regulatory framework.

23 November 2022

Saudi Arabia and NSO to face another spyware challenge in UK

A British-Jordanian journalist has launched another legal challenge against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the company behind the Pegasus spyware, joining three other individuals bringing similar claims in the UK.

23 November 2022

“The ICO is not the world’s data protection policeman” – Clearview counsel

Clearview AI’s barrister has attacked the UK data regulator’s assertion that it had extraterritorial jurisdiction over the company.

22 November 2022

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