Topic: Data privacy

UK Huawei deal raises GDPR red flags, senior Microsoft counsel warns

Given the Chinese government’s strict data localisation laws and penchant for centralising data in the name of AI, a senior counsel at Microsoft has questioned how Huawei’s 5G project in the UK will comply with the GDPR.

21 February 2020

Google to shift UK data control to US amid Brexit fears

Google’s US parent has become the service provider and data controller for UK users, in a move that may be linked to the possibility that the UK may fail to achieve a post-Brexit EU adequacy decision.

21 February 2020

California auditor lambasts police for mishandling surveillance data

A Californian audit has identified numerous flaws in how local law enforcement agencies collect, handle, and disseminate images captured by their automated licence plate readers.

20 February 2020

BIPA lawsuit targets Google Photos

A putative class action alleges that facial recognition technology used by Google’s cloud-based photo platform breaches Illinois’ tough biometric privacy law.

20 February 2020

Motorola-owned security contractor hit with BIPA lawsuit

Two wrongly convicted Illinois residents have initiated a class action lawsuit against Motorola Solutions and its California-based subsidiary for multiple alleged violations of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act.

20 February 2020

FTC seeks info on US company’s GDPR compliance

The US Federal Trade Commission is seeking to compel a Nevada-based data centre to produce internal documents related to the company’s compliance with the GDPR – arguing that such records are relevant to the regulator’s lawsuit over alleged Privacy Shield violations.

18 February 2020

The price of disclosing personal data

Finn Raben, director-general of data, research, insights and analytics industry association ESOMAR, provides valuable insight on how data-rich companies can improve trust and adopt ethical practices.

17 February 2020

Hamburg regulator calls for “legal reorientation” of the GDPR

Hamburg’s data regulator has said the GDPR’s one-stop-shop mechanism is “cumbersome, time-consuming and ineffective”, leaving many decisions “on ice”.

14 February 2020

Cookies continue to crumble

An influential advertising trade body has followed Google’s suit and publicly turned its back on third-party cookies – in a move likely to sound the death knell for the ubiquitous data-gathering technology.

14 February 2020

Details of Facebook’s first GDPR fine emerge

Facebook will not contest a €51,000 GDPR penalty it was ordered to pay over its failure to notify a data protection officer.

14 February 2020