Data privacy

German regulator casts doubt over court Schrems expansion

The German state of Baden-Württemberg’s authority has attacked a recent court decision from a state court that could expand the impact of Schrems II.

17 August 2022

Google agrees to A$60 million fine

Google has agreed to pay the Australian consumer protection regulator A$60 million (€41.5 million) and overhaul its compliance programme after a court found that it misled users over its location data collection practices.

12 August 2022

Data Changemakers: Caroline Wilson Palow

Privacy International legal director and general counsel Caroline Wilson Palow says transparency is the key to creating a productive dialogue between civil society and the private sector.

12 August 2022

Google seeks to toss incognito browser mode proposed class action

Google has asked an Oakland federal judge to deny certifying a class that alleges the internet giant deceptively collected user data through its incognito mode.

10 August 2022

Criteo faces €60 million fine

France’s data watchdog has proposed imposing a €60 million fine on adtech player Criteo.

08 August 2022

Data Changemakers: Sarah Chander

European Digital Rights senior policy advisor and AI lead Sarah Chander says policymakers, industry and civil society groups need to rethink the notion of the digital rights holder and challenge the “computational infrastructure” of Big Tech.

05 August 2022

India scraps data bill

India’s government has withdrawn the Personal Data Protection Bill after more than three years of debate about its impact on the country’s data landscape – but a new framework may soon be released.

04 August 2022

ICO faces fresh litigation over “inaction”

A businessman has obtained permission to judicially review the UK data regulator’s conduct relating to a major fintech company’s failure to respond to a subject access request.

04 August 2022

Tim Hortons bakes free coffee and pastries into data privacy class action settlement

A Canadian fast-food chain’s offer to settle a privacy class action by providing affected customers a free coffee and pastry is part of a trend of companies offering non-traditional compensation to resolve privacy litigation and retain customers.

04 August 2022

US judge criticises GDPR-imposed redactions

A procedural judge in a major US patent litigation forum has slammed Continental’s excessive redaction of disclosed documents, despite the company’s argument that the redaction was necessary under the GDPR.

03 August 2022

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