Data privacy

ICANN fights injunction loss and seeks possible EU hearing

15 June 2018

UK ICO fines Yahoo! for 2014 breach

13 June 2018

UK watchdog to slap Facebook with maximum fine

11 June 2018

Irish enforcer seeks Yahoo! security overhaul

11 June 2018

Facebook data was "fruitless", says former Cambridge Analytica head

07 June 2018

Coordinated response needed to tackle botnet attacks, US government says

06 June 2018

ECJ confirms Facebook joint controller liability

The European Court of Justice has confirmed that Facebook can be held liable as a data controller alongside the operator of a fan page on its platform – but further guidance on jurisdiction and applicable law in cross-border processing situations may be overtaken by the implementation of the GDPR's cooperation mechanism.

06 June 2018

Consumer groups across two continents take aim at Facebook

05 June 2018

ICANN fails in attempt to force data collection

04 June 2018

Hong Kong lawyers defend privacy commissioner

01 June 2018

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