Data privacy

Offshore regulator left in the dark about Pandora Papers

GDR has learned that the Cayman Islands data protection authority has received no breach notifications about what is reportedly the largest trove of leaked offshore financial data in history.

05 October 2021

EU data-sharing legislation moves forward

Despite criticism from European politicians and data protection institutions, EU member states have agreed to move forward with the Data Governance Act.

05 October 2021

ByteDance to provide settlement notification via TikTok inbox

A US judge has blessed the $92 million settlement between ByteDance and plaintiffs after the company agreed to directly notify TikTok users about the deal.

04 October 2021

Identity theft complaints increased 375% from 2017-2020, senate committee hears

As Congress looks to provide the US Federal Trade Commission with additional resources, a senate committee has heard that additional technologists are at the top of the list of needs for an agency struggling to regulate the tech sector.

01 October 2021

Norway issues GDPR fine over China transfers

Norway's data regulator has fined a company 5 million kroner (€489,000) for illegally transferring personal data to China.

01 October 2021

ACCC seeks powers to curb Google’s data advantage

Australia’s antitrust watchdog has called for a greater role in regulating how data is used by large adtech companies, in a report taking aim at how Google’s data advantage allows it to dominate the sector.

30 September 2021

Google faces DeepMind UK class action

A representative claimant has attacked a 2015 agreement between Google, DeepMind and a London hospital under which the tech companies obtained 1.6 million individuals’ healthcare data without their consent.

30 September 2021

One year, 1,000 cases

More than 1,000 LGPD-related cases have been filed in Brazilian courts during the first year of the nascent data protection law being in force, according to experts tracking the matter.

30 September 2021

EU court shuts down Europol lawsuit

The General Court has rejected a data protection lawsuit by Marián Kočner, a convicted fraudster with links to a former head of Slovakia’s data protection authority – slapping down allegations that Europol leaked data from Kočner’s mobile phones while Slovak authorities investigated allegations that he ordered the killing of journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancee Martina Kušnírová.

29 September 2021

Researchers push for more access to social media data

Following a public row with Facebook over access to data, several researchers have gone to Capitol Hill to advocate for policies they say will help inform the public about targeted ads, misinformation, and social media algorithms.

28 September 2021

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