Data privacy

Denham pushes back on regulatory reform report

The UK’s data protection chief has appeared to disagree with a recent report that suggested restricting data subjects’ rights to challenge AI-driven automated decision-making.

13 July 2021

Italian watchdog falls in line on cookies

Italy’s data watchdog has given website owners six months to comply with strict new cookie guidelines, mirroring steps taken by other European regulators to establish a consent-driven approach to online tracking.

13 July 2021

New front opens in Facebook/WhatsApp data-sharing battle

European consumer organisations have filed a complaint alleging WhatsApp has unfairly pressured users into accepting controversial new terms of use and privacy policies.

12 July 2021

Canada privacy law catches Google Search

Canada’s federal court has ruled that Google’s use of personal information to present search results makes its search engine subject to the country’s privacy law – a judgment that could affect Canadians’ right to be forgotten.

12 July 2021

Sweeping Biden order takes action on data privacy and portability

Tougher data privacy and portability regulations are among 72 initiatives announced by US President Joe Biden in an executive order aimed at increasing competition.

09 July 2021

New Zealand to establish consumer data right framework

New Zealand’s government has agreed to establish a consumer data right framework in order to give individuals and businesses greater choice and control over their data.

09 July 2021

ICO issues GDPR data breach fine

The UK’s data watchdog has fined a charity that supports trans children and teenagers for allowing sensitive personal data to be accessible through search engines.

08 July 2021

Dutch court allows Facebook class action to proceed

Facebook has failed to dismiss Dutch collective litigation against it at an early stage.

08 July 2021

Colorado enters race to set US privacy standards

Colorado’s state privacy bill has become law, signalling that the state intends to compete with the likes of California and Virginia to set national data standards for the US.

08 July 2021

UK Equiniti lawsuit to continue

An English procedural judge has refused to enter a default judgment in data breach litigation against outsourcer Equiniti, after the company said delays caused by the claimants stopped it from being able to file a defence on time.

07 July 2021

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