Data privacy

Ireland sends TikTok decision for EU review

Ireland has submitted a draft decision on TikTok’s processing of children’s data to other EU data protection authorities.

13 September 2022

Singapore opens the gates to non-material damages

Singapore’s Court of Appeal has confirmed that individuals can base data privacy lawsuits on allegations that they suffered non-material harm such as distress, despite opposition from the city-state’s attorney-general.

12 September 2022

ECJ advocate-general throws GDPR competence clash question back to member states

A European Court of Justice adviser has said that there is no hierarchy between data regulators’ and courts’ GDPR infringement decisions, but urged member states to put in place mechanisms to prevent conflicting decisions.

08 September 2022

Dutch watchdog’s fining method under scrutiny

A government report has raised concerns about lack of clarity in the Dutch data regulator’s penalty calculations, as well as other issues around the country’s implementation of the GDPR and data breach reporting.

07 September 2022

Berlin university told to stop using Cisco-Webex services

The Berlin regulator has warned the Freie Universität Berlin to stop using the communication services provider by the end of the month or risk facing formal enforcement action.

06 September 2022

Instagram fined €405 million for child safety failings

The Irish regulator has issued a €405 million fine against the Meta-owned platform over its processing of children’s personal data – the latest in a string of actions against the company and its subsidiaries.

05 September 2022

ICO scrutinises Ministry of Justice over data collection claims

The UK’s data watchdog is making enquiries after receiving a complaint over the justice ministry’s alleged collection of the personal data of barristers participating in an ongoing strike action.

02 September 2022

FTC sues Kochava for selling sensitive location data

The Federal Trade Commission has sued data broker Kochava for selling location data which could be used to identify individuals and reveal sensitive personal information.

30 August 2022

Data Changemakers: Tanmay Singh

New Delhi-based Internet Freedom Foundation senior litigation counsel Tanmay Singh tells GDR that the lack of a comprehensive data protection framework in India makes litigation difficult, and that it remains tough to convince all members of the public that privacy is a human right.

26 August 2022

Brazil fines Meta €1.3m over Cambridge Analytica

Brazil’s Ministry of Justice has ordered Meta to pay a fine for illegally sharing Brazilian user data with the British data analytics firm, after a previous penalty of the same amount was overturned during proceedings.

25 August 2022

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