Data privacy

Cookies, cohorts and competition: the attention economy battleground

Digital advertising is becoming increasingly fraught. Will industry players feeling the squeeze be able to survive the threat of enforcement on the one hand, and Big Tech on the other?

29 March 2021

Massachusetts AG to receive Facebook app investigation information

The highest Massachusetts state court has ordered Facebook to disclose information about its extensive internal investigation of third-party apps’ data misuse to prosecutors.

26 March 2021

Therrien criticises Canada data law overhaul

Canada’s privacy chief has said much-needed reform to the country’s federal privacy legislation contains enforcement gaps and weakens the current framework’s accountability principles.

26 March 2021

Mailchimp customer data transfers scrutinised

A Mailchimp customer has dropped the service after intervention by a German data regulator over concerns the popular email platform may be subject to US surveillance laws.

26 March 2021

European data enforcers can’t make their fines stick

Nearly €80 million in fines levied by European data protection authorities have been dropped.

25 March 2021

Colombia imposes financial data fine

Colombia’s data regulator has accused retailer Marketing Personal of failing to disclose information to a data subject and sending false information to credit bureaus.

25 March 2021

German court sends Facebook questions to ECJ

The European Court of Justice is set to weigh in on the German competition authority’s high-profile Facebook case.

25 March 2021

UK data protection litigation analysis: the data and the gaps

GDR publishes the dataset that underpins its analysis of recent UK data protection litigation – and highlights how an opaque court system makes it tough to improve the data.

24 March 2021

Hacked healthcare provider sues AWS and hacker

A Florida provider of mental health services has sued to prevent a hacker from misusing patient data, and sought to force its cloud host to cooperate with its efforts.

24 March 2021

SCOTUS could resolve GDPR clash with US law

An engineering company seeks a US Supreme Court ruling that could let companies use the GDPR to avoid disclosing data into the US.

23 March 2021

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