Data privacy

US House report: Privacy, not price, is best measure of digital market power

The US House has released its much-anticipated report on competition in digital markets, making the case that privacy erosions are a better indicator than prices when it comes to measuring Big Tech’s market power.

07 October 2020

Schrems II hub: every development in the saga

GDR tracks the post-Schrems developments that you need to know.

07 October 2020

Facebook sues unauthorised web scrapers

Facebook has sued a pair of companies for allegedly using malicious browser extensions to scrape data from Facebook and Instagram user accounts – the latest case in what the company has painted as a campaign to enhance privacy.

06 October 2020

Trump Administration fights for WeChat ban

The US Department of Commerce has appealed against a court order that prevented it from banning WeChat, arguing that national security concerns should trump “comparatively minor” burdens on freedom of speech.

05 October 2020

Office 365 data protection under attack again

German data protection officials have followed in the footsteps of EU and Dutch regulators by raising concerns about data protection issues with Microsoft’s Office 365 software.

05 October 2020

ICO offers clarity on fines

The UK’s data watchdog has revealed how it plans to calculate its GDPR penalties.

05 October 2020

EU-US gap widens over post-Schrems surveillance

The US and EU seem further than ever from an agreement on how to solve data flows to the US, with two influential pressure groups calling for wholesale US surveillance reform days after the US attempted to assuage companies’ fears.

02 October 2020

Twitter hit with class action for using telephone numbers to advertise

A class action lawsuit has been initiated against Twitter for allegedly having consumers provide telephone numbers for two-factor authentication, but then using those numbers for advertising purposes.

02 October 2020

Schrems II parties fight over who won

Ireland’s cash-strapped data watchdog is seeking reimbursement of costs it incurred in bringing its Schrems II court proceedings – with complainant Max Schrems claiming he should be entitled to recover his own costs from the regulator.

01 October 2020

China prepares for new era in data protection

In a move likely to please international businesses, Chinese lawmakers will soon release a draft of the country’s first national omnibus law focused solely on data protection.

01 October 2020

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