Data privacy

Third TikTok mass claim filed in Amsterdam

An NGO has filed a €6 billion Dutch class action against TikTok that appears likely to overlap with two existing sets of mass litigation.

08 September 2021

Facebook’s new FTC independent assessor revealed

After a previous watchdog failed to spot the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook hired a new independent assessor to oversee its US Federal Trade Commission-mandated privacy programme.

07 September 2021

ICO’s call for G7 collaboration on cookie pop-ups raises questions

The UK privacy watchdog has called on fellow G7 data protection authorities to coordinate on tackling cookie consent pop-ups – but questions remain about the commission’s focus and how the measures might work in practice.

07 September 2021

TikTok Dutch mass lawsuit escalates

Dutch claimants have escalated their suit against TikTok for violating the privacy and consumer rights of children.

06 September 2021

How European regulators toughened the Irish WhatsApp decision

European data protection authorities forced their Irish counterpart to strengthen its stance against WhatsApp, in a decision that may have wider repercussions for large tech companies that process EU personal data.

03 September 2021

US enforcers employ new surveillance methods post-Carpenter

Geofence warrants, stingrays and bulk data purchases are among the new surveillance tactics employed by law enforcers some three years after the US Supreme Court’s 2018 Carpenter decision – a state of affairs that has civil libertarians urging Congress to enact privacy reforms.

03 September 2021

FTC’s Chopra: Criminally charge stalker app developers

The US Federal Trade Commission has banned the developer of a so-called stalker app from the surveillance industry – though the owner has told GDR that there is no record of his product being used for nefarious purposes. Meanwhile, FTC member Rohit Chopra has called for criminal penalties against such activities.

02 September 2021

EDPB intervention quadruples WhatsApp fine

Ireland’s privacy watchdog has fined WhatsApp €225 million over its data processing arrangements with parent company Facebook, after the European Data Protection Board forced the regulator to change its draft decision.

02 September 2021

Northern Ireland GDPR case survives

A Belfast High Court judge has refused to strike out a GDPR claim against the publisher of a Northern Ireland newspaper, but expressed “misgivings” about its strength.

01 September 2021

Belgium's highest court confirms US data transfers under Schrems II

The Belgian supreme administrative court has upheld the validity of European data transfers to the US, following a complaint brought by unsuccessful bidders for a government contract.

01 September 2021

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