Data privacy

Clearview First Amendment defence fails

A Chicago judge has rejected Clearview AI’s argument that constitutional freedom of expression rights exempt its facial recognition system from tough Illinois biometric privacy laws.

31 August 2021

GDR launches ECJ Case Tracker tool

Subscribers can keep up to date with all GDPR-era cases referred to the EU’s highest court.

27 August 2021

ECJ Case Tracker

The GDR European Court of Justice Case Tracker allows subscribers to monitor all GDPR-era cases in the EU's highest court.

27 August 2021

Norway probes DNA testing platform

Norway’s data watchdog has ordered a genealogy company to respond to questions about its data processing practices, following concerns that it is not GDPR compliant.

26 August 2021

Report sounds alarm over companies brokering active-duty military data

New research has found that at least three of the world’s 10 largest data brokers sell information on US active-duty military personnel – a situation critics say jeopardises national security.

25 August 2021

T-Mobile class actions pile up after data breach

Following a cyberattack that exposed the personal information of millions of customers, the US mobile operator is facing 10 class action lawsuits.

25 August 2021

FTC expands attack on Facebook data policies

An updated Federal Trade Commission antitrust complaint against Facebook has added detail about the privacy impact caused by the company’s allegedly monopolistic conduct.

24 August 2021

Danish watchdog launches security investigations

Denmark’s data protection authority has sent questionnaires focused on security measures to 30 organisations in a bid to scale up and better target its investigations.

24 August 2021

UK data breach claimants face more pressure

The market for low-value UK data protection litigation is in trouble, after a ruling undermined the viability of claims that are issued in court. Most claims are resolved long before courts get involved – but settlement strategies may also be unviable for claimant firms.

23 August 2021

Pentagon silent on Afghan biometric data programme

At the outset of the post-9/11 invasion of Afghanistan, the US military sought to compile a biometric database of the country’s population. That data could now be in the hands of the Taliban.

20 August 2021

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