Data privacy

Sweden hands out fines over unprotected recordings

Sweden’s data regulator has imposed fines on several parties, following an investigation into recorded healthcare calls that were accessible on the internet.

10 June 2021

Ruling threatens UK adequacy decision

Cooley partner Guadalupe Sampedro considers a recent court ruling on the UK’s controversial immigration exemption to the GDPR.

09 June 2021

The saga of LabMD

The US judicial system has found that cancer research company LabMD was the victim of foul play by the federal government when law enforcers went after the company for alleged cybersecurity violations – but owner Michael Dougherty says he’s still struggling for justice in a matter that has spanned over 13 years.

09 June 2021

Colorado becomes third state to pass comprehensive privacy bill

Colorado’s new privacy legislation allows both state and federal prosecutors to punish infractions, making it one of the strongest US data laws to date in terms of enforcement powers.

08 June 2021

UK delays new public health database

Facing opposition by privacy activists, the UK’s government has postponed the creation of a centralised patient medical information database.

08 June 2021

Italy suspends covid-19 app

Italy’s privacy watchdog has temporarily blocked a platform that monitors individuals’ covid-19 status.

07 June 2021

Finalised SCCs unpacked

The European Commission’s finalised standard contractual clauses appear to soften some planned requirements – but they are likely to continue to be more costly and burdensome than their predecessors.

04 June 2021

Civil liberties groups celebrate SCOTUS Van Buren ruling

The US Supreme Court has ruled that a police officer did not violate the country’s federal anti-hacking law when he ran a license-plate search in a law enforcement computer without permission – a judgment that has major implications for civil liberties and the government’s ability to punish the misuse of data.

04 June 2021

Singapore data protection law not about privacy, judge rules

In ruling that loss of control damages are unavailable under Singapore data protection law, a judge has concluded that the legislation is less focused on privacy than its international counterparts.

04 June 2021

TikTok faces billion-euro Dutch claim

Dutch consumer rights body SOMI has filed a class action against TikTok, citing negligence over the safety and privacy of children on the platform.

03 June 2021

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