Schrems II costs order to place “heavy burden” on Irish regulator

An Irish judge has ordered Ireland’s Data Protection Commission to cover costs Max Schrems incurred in the Schrems II European Court of Justice case – but acknowledged that her decision will place a “very heavy financial burden” on the cash-strapped regulator.

03 November 2020

US court puts clamps on Trump’s TikTok ban

A federal judge has blocked the Trump Administration’s order banning TikTok, deeming government’s restrictions on the Chinese app as a threat to plaintiffs’ constitutional rights – a similar finding other courts have made against efforts to ban Chinese app WeChat.

02 November 2020

Cambridge Analytica class action filed in the UK

A campaigner has sued Facebook on behalf of a million English and Welsh residents allegedly affected by the Cambridge Analytica data leak.

02 November 2020

Riding the tidal wave

Data privacy class actions in Europe are here to stay. Bird & Bird partner Bryony Hurst explores the rise in class actions, the EU member states that are likely to become popular litigation forums, key cases that have already been filed across Europe, and how organisations can stay as dry as possible when the data protection class action tidal wave hits.

02 November 2020

UK mail service faces data protection lawsuit

GDR can reveal that Royal Mail employees are suing the company for disclosing personal data to a third party.

30 October 2020

Accenture still on the hook in Marriott class action

Marriott’s outsourced cybersecurity and IT provider Accenture has failed to shake litigation that seeks to hold the consultancy liable for its role in the hotel chain’s data breach.

28 October 2020

Uber automated decision-making challenged

Four former Uber drivers have filed a rare GDPR challenge to the company’s automated decision to terminate their contracts.

27 October 2020

Trump Administration handed another loss in WeChat case

The Ninth Circuit has upheld an injunction that blocked the US Department of Commerce from banning WeChat from app stores – marking the Trump Administration’s third unsuccessful attempt in the last two months to lock the Chinese app out of the US.

27 October 2020

LexisNexis faces another GDPR risk database lawsuit

A Hong Kong-based consultant and former corporate lawyer has sued LexisNexis Risk Solutions for holding personal data that inaccurately linked him to alleged politically exposed persons.

26 October 2020

US judge affirms decision to halt Trump’s WeChat ban

The US Department of Commerce’s second attempt to ban WeChat has failed, as a San Francisco district judge has upheld an earlier decision that suspended the prohibitions against the Chinese app.

26 October 2020

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