What reducing the planned British Airways fine could mean for the future of data protection

British Airways might pay a fraction of the data breach penalty that was floated last year. Aman Johal of Your Lawyers Ltd, who represents claimants against the airline, says this sends the wrong message.

10 August 2020

Google CCPA lawsuit targets Android data monitoring

A New York resident says Google and parent company Alphabet monitored and collected Android users’ personal data without their knowledge.

07 August 2020

UK fintech faces GDPR litigation

Claimants have sued credit history building fintech Loqbox over a data breach it suffered earlier this year.

30 July 2020

Online content-sharing platforms breathe a sigh of relief

Platform operators will welcome a recent European Court of Justice advocate-general opinion on their liability for hosting illegal content, says Natalie Ellerby of Linklaters in London.

29 July 2020

US corporation sues Angola for state-sponsored hack

Nevada-based Africa Growth Corporation has accused Angola’s government of stealing attorney-client communications from servers in the US – ultimately leading to the country abandoning a $47.5 million settlement in a separate dispute.

28 July 2020

Slew of BIPA lawsuits filed against tech giants

Illinois residents have filed class action lawsuits against Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and FaceFirst for using their photographs without permission to develop AI technology.

27 July 2020

Google faces increased pressure over Australian data practices

Australia’s antitrust and consumer watchdog is piling on enforcement against Google – this time over allegations that it collected and used personal information without explicit consent.

27 July 2020

Finnish cookie consent litigation develops

In a submission to a Helsinki court, Finland’s telecommunications regulator has entrenched its position that browser settings can provide consent for cookies and argued that website operators using cookies are not necessarily data controllers under the GDPR.

27 July 2020

Details of Facebook/DOJ encryption fight to remain secret

A US appeals court has refused to unseal documents that purportedly show law enforcement officials attempting to force Facebook to build a backdoor that would allow them to wiretap the company’s encrypted Messenger app.

23 July 2020

T-Mobile sued over cryptocurrency hack

A cryptocurrency mogul has sued T-Mobile for alleged security failures that resulted in the loss of millions of dollars.

23 July 2020

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