Neiman Marcus settles payment card data breach lawsuit

US department store Neiman Marcus has settled a lawsuit with 43 state attorneys general following an investigation into the company’s 2013 data breach.

14 January 2019

Amazon and Blizzard score victory in data storage patent case

A US federal judge has upheld a decision to invalidate a company’s patent for data storage technology, following a submission by Amazon and video game developer Blizzard Entertainment.

11 January 2019

ECJ urged to limit right to be forgotten to the EU

European Court of Justice Advocate General Maciej Szpunar has warned that creating a right to be forgotten with extraterritorial effect could lead to an international “race to the bottom” – but said search engine operators should, by default, agree to delist sensitive personal data when asked.

10 January 2019

Vizio nears settlement for smart TV class action

A US court has given preliminary approval to a settlement between smart TV manufacturer Vizio and plaintiffs who allege that the company sold viewing data to advertisers without their consent.

10 January 2019

Canadian court rejects privacy lawsuit against bankruptcy trustee

A Canadian court has dismissed a class action lawsuit alleging privacy breaches by the trustee of bankrupt computer retailer NCIX.

10 January 2019

HPE files to dismiss Russian telecoms lawsuit

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is seeking to dismiss a MegaFon lawsuit over a failed Russian telecommunications system, saying the case should be tried in Russia.

09 January 2019

IBM weather app sued in California

The city of Los Angeles has sued a weather app IBM bought three years ago for allegedly misleading users about how their data would be used.

08 January 2019

Judge blocks NYC data-sharing ordinance

A Manhattan federal judge has preliminarily blocked legislation that would force homesharing platforms operating in New York to share transactional data with the city.

07 January 2019

US court dismisses Google facial recognition case

An Illinois judge has dismissed a class action lawsuit against Google over the company’s storage of biometric data.

03 January 2019

Google settles UK right to be forgotten case

A businessman who sought a court order forcing Google to delist search results about a past conviction has reached a settlement with the tech company out of court.

20 December 2018

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