AT&T criticises $24 million cryptocurrency theft allegations

AT&T has sought to dismiss a cryptocurrency investor’s cybersecurity lawsuit, saying the individual has failed to explain why the company is responsible for the alleged theft of his assets.

24 October 2018

EPIC challenges Google algorithmic search technique

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has told a US federal appeals court that the reliability of Google’s email screening techniques needs to be tested in order to protect user privacy.

23 October 2018

UK supermarket loses appeal against data breach vicarious liability

The Court of Appeal of England and Wales has held supermarket Morrisons liable for a rogue employee’s leak of thousands of individuals’ personal data – despite arguments that pointed to the enormous burden it would create for innocent employers.

22 October 2018

Intel seeks dismissal of processor vulnerability class action

Intel has defended its decision to keep security vulnerabilities secret, as part of a bid to dismiss a class action it faces over the discovery of a major flaw in the security of its processors.

22 October 2018

German internet exchange operator questions legality of state surveillance

The German operator of the world’s largest internet exchange has appealed to the country’s constitutional court, seeking clarity over the legality of a surveillance regime it is subject to.

17 October 2018

Twitter facing investigation by Irish enforcer

The Irish Data Protection Commission has launched an investigation into Twitter after an academic complained that the social media company had not given him information he had requested regarding its link shortening service.

16 October 2018

Canada’s privacy watchdog seeks clarity on right to be forgotten

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has asked a federal court to clarify whether Google is subject to national privacy law – a decision which may establish a right to be forgotten.

12 October 2018

Google facing class action and possible probes over Google+ vulnerability

Google is facing a California class action and potential investigations by enforcers in the US and Europe after revealing that a bug in its social media platform Google+ compromised data of 500,000 users.

11 October 2018

UK supermarket liable for data leak as an employer, lawyer argues

Counsel to claimants against Morrisons has told the Court of Appeal of England and Wales that a data leak by a rogue employee falls under common law rather than data protection statute, as the supermarket was not the data controller when the conduct occurred.

10 October 2018

Swiss data protection chief fights tax data-sharing scheme

Switzerland’s federal data protection commissioner has issued a complaint to a federal court over a scheme that shares financial information with foreign authorities to aid tax evasion investigations.

10 October 2018

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