Facebook facing litigation in Germany over massive data leak

A German claims aggregator is looking to sue Facebook on behalf of potentially thousands of individuals who may have been affected by a high-profile data leak.

26 April 2021

US states sue federal government over census privacy plans

Alabama’s attorney general has sued the US federal government over its plan to anonymise census data, arguing that a lack of detailed local population information will skew efforts to accurately redraw voting districts.

26 April 2021

Top European courts diverge on data retention

The top administrative courts in France and Belgium have both ruled on domestic data retention regimes in the space of two days, but have diverged on their interpretation of a key European Court of Justice judgment.

22 April 2021

Southwest ramps up severity of data-scraping claims against travel site

After initially suing Kiwi.com for scraping public data from its site, Southwest Airlines has made further claims that the Czech Republic travel site has also hacked non-public information.

21 April 2021

Judgement day for UK class actions approaches

All eyes are on an upcoming UK Supreme Court hearing that will make or break multiple UK data protection class actions. GDR analyses the case and its consequences for billions of pounds’ worth of litigation.

21 April 2021

LexisNexis fights GDPR Article 27 representative liability

A LexisNexis unit has sought dismissal of a GDPR lawsuit, arguing that it should not be held liable for the actions of the US-based data controller it represents – a position backed by the UK’s data regulator.

20 April 2021

Class counsel spars with objectors at TikTok settlement hearing

Class counsel and objectors to a TikTok settlement have aired their arguments about the $92 million deal in a sometimes heated hearing.

20 April 2021

Biden administration mulls an end to TikTok and WeChat litigation

The Biden administration has said that it may end Trump’s campaign to ban TikTok and WeChat from the US.

19 April 2021

Facebook faces Irish GDPR collective claim

An NGO plans to file collective proceedings against Facebook in the wake of the social media platform’s leak of 533 million individuals’ data – but the litigation may require an unusual level of upfront commitment from potential claimants.

16 April 2021

Unexpected trends emerge from CCPA litigation

At least 76 CCPA-related lawsuits have been filed since the law went into effect 1 January 2020, revealing litigation tactics that observers did not anticipate when the legislation was first crafted.

14 April 2021

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