Microsoft sued over alleged Facebook data sale

A class action suit has accused Microsoft of secretly selling user data collected from its Office 365 service to Facebook and other third parties.

22 July 2020

Israeli surveillance company fails to quash WhatsApp lawsuit

A San Francisco federal court has rejected Israeli company NSO Group’s sovereign immunity arguments in its motion to dismiss a lawsuit by WhatsApp for hacking some of its users’ accounts.

17 July 2020

Schrems II sparks data transfer chaos and confusion

The European Court of Justice has invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield and forced companies and regulators to take a tougher view on standard contractual clauses – in a decision guaranteed to make international data transfers significantly more burdensome.

16 July 2020

Schrems II: Privacy Shield invalidated, SCCs remain

The European Court of Justice has invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield in the landmark Schrems II case – but has allowed standard contractual clauses to remain in place.

16 July 2020

CCPA data breach lawsuit filed against Walmart

A class action lawsuit says Walmart for violated the newly enacted CCPA by failing to secure its customers’ data, leading to their personal information being placed for sale on the dark web.

15 July 2020

GDPR roundup: Scandinavian fines, new health data rules and cooperation penalties

GDR’s latest update on European regulatory activity includes fresh investigations, tightening regulation on health data processing, and an investigation referred from Germany to Poland.

15 July 2020

Judge trims Fiserv cybersecurity lawsuit

A Pittsburgh federal judge has quashed multiple claims in a credit union’s cybersecurity lawsuit against technology provider Fiserv, but allowed the overall case to continue.

15 July 2020

ECJ: ‘address’ does not include email or telephone

Europe’s highest court has ruled that the term “address” does not extend to email, IP addresses or telephone numbers – in what one observer is calling a win for privacy.

14 July 2020

US appeals court: Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply to crypto transactions

A US appeals court has ruled that cryptocurrency transaction data is not subject to Fourth Amendment privacy protections.

14 July 2020

Schrems II: a primer

The European Court of Justice will soon hand down a ruling in the most hotly-anticipated data litigation of the year. Here’s what you need to know, and what the consequences of the ruling could be.

14 July 2020

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