LinkedIn sued for reading Apple clipboard info

A class action lawsuit has been filed against LinkedIn for allegedly reading data that Apple users cut, copied and pasted on their iPhones and other devices.

13 July 2020

GDPR prevents US bank data transfer

A Luxembourg court won’t allow a Swiss bank subject to a US international tax investigation to disclose a client’s bank data to US prosecutors.

13 July 2020

Microsoft settles Brazil consent investigation

Microsoft has agreed to more transparent consent policies in a settlement with the São Paulo prosecutor’s office – ending a two year legal battle over the company’s compliance with Brazilian law.

10 July 2020

Judge slaps down First Amendment challenge to Maine privacy law

A US district court judge has denied a motion by internet trade groups to declare Maine’s privacy law unconstitutional, while also dismissing their arguments that federal law preempts the state’s nascent legislation.

10 July 2020

Horse racing data providers clash again

A company that sells horse race-related data and footage to bookmakers has attacked a judgment that held it liable for unauthorised collection, use and sale of data from race courses.

08 July 2020

Apple’s privacy credentials slammed in lawsuit

Apple and T-Mobile are facing a class action lawsuit over a design flaw that allegedly gave an iPhone user access to messages sent to another person.

08 July 2020

Dutch NGOs seek compensation from Facebook

Two NGOs allege that Facebook illegally made huge sums from the misuse of Dutch citizens’ personal data.

08 July 2020

HiQ: SCOTUS should not review scraping judgment

Data analytics company hiQ Labs has asked the US Supreme Court to deny LinkedIn’s petition to review an appeals court judgment that effectively allowed hiQ to scrape the platform’s public user data and resell it.

30 June 2020

Scraper fights back against Ryanair lawsuit

An Irish court will hear allegations that Ryanair’s attempt to block a Romanian company from scraping its data constitutes an abuse of the airline’s dominant position.

29 June 2020

Revealed: details of the British Airways class action

A group of claimants allegedly harmed by the British Airways data breach has brought multiple arguments to hold the airline liable – including to claimants whose data was not actually affected.

24 June 2020

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