AT&T fighting to keep its data policies under wraps

Plaintiffs suing AT&T have argued the telecoms giant should release detailed information about reforms to its data policies as part of a long-running geolocation data sharing lawsuit.

15 October 2020

Microsoft to continue hosting French health data – for now

A French administrative judge has refused to order France’s health database to stop processing personal information on Microsoft’s cloud, despite Schrems II-driven fears that US intelligence could access it – but France may nonetheless take the data away from Microsoft.

14 October 2020

US court greenlights data-based health insurance scheme

A US federal court has sanctioned a partnership of self-employed people who traded their data in exchange for health insurance benefits, overturning a Department of Labor refusal to certify the scheme.

13 October 2020

English judges divided on racing data misuse

A company that sells horse racing data and footage to bookmakers has been held liable for the unauthorised collection, use and sale of data from racecourses – but judges on the English appeals court are split as to why.

12 October 2020

BrandTotal will fight Facebook scraping lawsuit

Analytics company BrandTotal will resist Facebook’s allegations that it illegally scraped data from its platforms.

08 October 2020

Facebook sues unauthorised web scrapers

Facebook has sued a pair of companies for allegedly using malicious browser extensions to scrape data from Facebook and Instagram user accounts – the latest case in what the company has painted as a campaign to enhance privacy.

06 October 2020

Trump Administration fights for WeChat ban

The US Department of Commerce has appealed against a court order that prevented it from banning WeChat, arguing that national security concerns should trump “comparatively minor” burdens on freedom of speech.

05 October 2020

Twitter hit with class action for using telephone numbers to advertise

A class action lawsuit has been initiated against Twitter for allegedly having consumers provide telephone numbers for two-factor authentication, but then using those numbers for advertising purposes.

02 October 2020

US judge temporarily blocks Trump’s TikTok restrictions

TikTok parent company ByteDance has successfully blocked – for now – an executive order from Donald Trump that would have restricted the social media platform from appearing in US app stores.

28 September 2020

RBG remembered for landmark data case dissent

A US Senate committee working on federal privacy legislation has paid tribute to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her dissent in Spokeo Inc v Robins – a monumental consumer privacy case that continues to affect the data litigation landscape.

25 September 2020

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