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2019.2 Magazine

    Global Data Review travelled to America, Asia and Europe to produce GDR 2019.2. We believe the results were worth the jetlag.

    This issue sees us examine an under-reported phenomenon: how the rise in data – the new oil, the new gold and so on – has affected M&A and other dealmaking activity. We gathered top lawyers in New York to discuss how their deals practice has changed in recent years, and the opportunities and pitfalls that arise in the era of companies understanding the value of their data.

    We sent reporters to France and India, generating not only surveys of the lawyers you need to know there but also an in-depth look at some of the barriers the countries put up to stymie the flow of data at their borders. Also in this issue is an in-depth interview with Zee Kin Yeong, deputy commissioner of Singapore’s increasingly influential Personal Data Protection Commission; and analysis from lawyers at Dechert on the takeaways from the recent EU–Japan adequacy decision. We also set about profiling some of the key talent in an area we have only rarely written about so far: in-house data specialists. As part of our dedication to mapping out not only the laws, but also the people who interpret them, we wanted to showcase a selection of lawyers steering companies through the increasingly complex global data landscape.

Lacking bite

Reform may be on the way for Canada’s private sector data privacy landscape, following concerns that its enforcement regime lacks teeth.

Land of little kings

What can the EU learn from Germany’s model of data protection enforcement?

Brazil’s new data protection law

Fabio Ferreira Kujawski and Maíra Schweling Scala at Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados in São Paulo lay out the key features of Brazil’s new data protection legislation. After many years of debate, the Brazil’s Congress finally passed a data protection bill on 10 July. The...

40 Under 40 - introduction

Welcome to the first edition of the Global Data Review 40 Under 40, in which we profile the 40 individuals who represent the best and the brightest of the data law bar around the world. What is a data lawyer? There isn’t an easy answer. Ten years ago, people working in the tech space frequently...