Spain fines CaixaBank €3 million

Spain’s data protection authority has handed down its third-largest fine after finding flaws in the consent acquisition language used by a CaixaBank subsidiary.

22 October 2021

Dutch watchdog denies fraud blacklist permit

The Netherlands’ data regulator has denied an interest group’s application to create a blacklist containing possible fraudsters’ personal data, which could then be shared among companies across sectors.

22 October 2021

Belgian court says data processing not prerequisite for GDPR abuse

Belgium’s supreme court has ruled that a GDPR violation can still take place even if no data processing has occurred.

20 October 2021

Enforcers back calls for joint approach to competition and data protection issues

A senior official at the UK’s competition watchdog has said enforcers should collaborate more closely with privacy regulators when tackling antitrust and data protection issues, while highlighting his agency’s efforts to bridge this gap in its probe into Google’s Privacy Sandbox.

19 October 2021

EDPB targets cloud services

The public sector’s use of cloud services will be the focus of a new type of harmonised action by EU national data watchdogs – potentially setting the scene for more enforcement against cloud providers.

19 October 2021

Amazon appeals against record GDPR fine

Amazon is fighting a €746 million fine issued by the Luxembourg data watchdog over its personal data processing activities – a record figure which could form the grounds of the company’s appeal.

18 October 2021

Law enforcers dispute section 230 immunity for credit rating firms

The US FTC, DOJ, and CFPB have urged an appeal court to overturn a ruling that immunised a consumer reporting agency that allegedly produced inaccurate reports.

15 October 2021

Irish regulator sides with Facebook on GDPR consent

Ireland’s privacy watchdog has agreed with Facebook on a high-profile case relating to user consent under the GDPR – but still recommended a fine of up to €36m for the company’s lack of transparency.

13 October 2021

China imposes €460 million platform fine

China’s competition enforcer has issued leading food delivery platform Meituan with its second-highest fine on record for forcing merchants to exclusively use its platform and pay a fee to do so.

11 October 2021

Luxembourg DPA issues second-highest fine

The Luxembourg privacy watchdog has issued a €135,000 fine to an un-named life insurance provider.

07 October 2021

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