EU could demand review of AIs before market entry

The European Commission’s new AI regulatory framework could lead to forced inspection of  AIs’ datasets and algorithms before they can operate in Europe.

19 February 2020

FTC seeks info on US company’s GDPR compliance

The US Federal Trade Commission is seeking to compel a Nevada-based data centre to produce internal documents related to the company’s compliance with the GDPR – arguing that such records are relevant to the regulator’s lawsuit over alleged Privacy Shield violations.

18 February 2020

Facebook and Twitter face Russian localisation escalation

Facebook and Twitter face ever-increasing fines in Russia over data localisation issues, as well as the threat of a ban from operating in the country – but observers say authorities are unlikely to block the services.

18 February 2020

Huawei and China fight US trade secret theft allegations

Huawei and China’s foreign affairs ministry have both hit back at the US Department of Justice over accusations of intellectual property and trade secret theft.

17 February 2020

Hamburg regulator calls for “legal reorientation” of the GDPR

Hamburg’s data regulator has said the GDPR’s one-stop-shop mechanism is “cumbersome, time-consuming and ineffective”, leaving many decisions “on ice”.

14 February 2020

Details of Facebook’s first GDPR fine emerge

Facebook will not contest a €51,000 GDPR penalty it was ordered to pay over its failure to notify a data protection officer.

14 February 2020

Czech regulator probes Avast data practices

The Czech Republic’s data protection authority is investigating antivirus and cybersecurity company Avast after the company shut down a subsidiary over its sale of browsing information – with the watchdog’s head highlighting a possible “serious and extensive breach” of user data.

12 February 2020

CNIL turns up the heat on smart meter data collection

At least one major energy company has altered its smart meter consent and data retention policies after the French data regulator threatened enforcement.

12 February 2020

US charges Chinese military hackers over Equifax data breach

The US has charged four members of the Chinese military over a 2017 cyberattack on credit reporting agency Equifax that affected almost 150 million people.

11 February 2020

Facebook Canadian privacy legal battle begins

Facebook has slammed the Canadian federal data commissioner's decision to take it to court over the company's refusal to bolster its data privacy framework in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

07 February 2020