ICO and DPC to coordinate on enforcement priorities

UK information commissioner John Edwards has said his regulator is working with its Irish counterpart to avoid subjecting companies to unnecessarily divergent regulation, in  a speech that emphasised the official’s intent to increase legal certainty for data holders.

23 March 2022

AEPD report confirms enforcement ramp-up

The Spanish data watchdog stepped up its enforcement activity in 2021, with a string of multi-million euro penalties contributing to a tripling of the value of its sanctions year-on-year.

22 March 2022

Belgian DPA sides with Google in right to be forgotten case

Belgium’s data protection authority has said that Google was not in breach of the GDPR for refusing to delist news articles about a complainant’s criminal conviction, but still reprimanded its Belgian affiliate for not properly responding to the request.

21 March 2022

Poor resourcing and lack of harmonisation hobble OSS

European regulators have called for an overhaul of the one-stop-shop mechanism, saying that citizens are being badly served by inconsistencies of approach between authorities and a lack of guidance from Brussels.

17 March 2022

CNIL head: one-stop-shop speed should be prioritised over "culture of consensus"

Marie-Laure Denis has said European data protection authorities should move away from emphasising regulatory consensus in their decision-making, and decrease the time it takes to enforce against GDPR breaches.

17 March 2022

FTC enforces over data breach ‘coverup’

The US Federal Trade Commission’s enforcement action against CafePress comes 15 months after the company settled a data breach investigation by a coalition of state attorneys-general.

16 March 2022

Meta fined €17 million by Irish regulator

Ireland’s data protection regulator has fined Meta €17 million for failing to adequately protect users’ personal data.

15 March 2022

ICO enforces against financial adviser

The UK’s data watchdog has ordered an independent financial adviser to respond to subject access requests filed before it became insolvent.

15 March 2022

EU and UK launch twin Meta and Google probes

The UK and EU competition watchdogs have formalised parallel investigations into an online advertising agreement between Meta and Google that came to light in an ongoing US antitrust probe.

14 March 2022

ICO hands out data breach fine

The UK data watchdog has fined a law firm after a ransomware attack led to the encryption of hundreds of thousands of archived files.

10 March 2022

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