CCPA needs improvement, California AG says

California attorney general Xavier Becerra has outlined his gripes with the CCPA, in a US Senate committee hearing that may influence national privacy legislation.

24 September 2020

First LGPD enforcement goes after data brokers

The first attempt to enforce Brazil’s sweeping new data protection legislation has stalled – but observers say the case may demonstrate how the law is likely to play out in practice.

23 September 2020

Lack of adtech enforcement allowing data misuse, report says

Ireland’s data regulator has allowed mass data misuse within the adtech industry to continue, a new report has claimed.

21 September 2020

US ban on TikTok and WeChat delayed

A US federal court has blocked a Department of Commerce order banning Chinese app WeChat, with the department announcing that it will delay prohibitions on TikTok in the midst of the social media company’s acquisition talks with Oracle and Walmart.

21 September 2020

Facebook US on the hook in Australia

Australia’s Federal Court has said Australian privacy legislation has an extraterritorial effect over Facebook’s US parent company, amid regulatory proceedings linked to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

18 September 2020

Commerce department moves forward with TikTok and WeChat bans

The US Department of Commerce has said app stores in the country will no longer be allowed to distribute or maintain WeChat or TikTok mobile applications as of Sunday.

18 September 2020

Locked screen

An increasingly popular data-gathering policy in African countries has exposed weaknesses in regulatory frameworks across the continent.

16 September 2020

Clearview Vermont lawsuit survives, but data broker claims dismissed

A Vermont court has rejected state allegations that Clearview AI’s scraping of personal data breached the state’s regulations of data brokers.

16 September 2020

Facebook SCC Irish investigation under fire from both sides

Max Schrems and Facebook have both attacked the Irish data watchdog’s new investigation of Facebook’s EU-US data transfers.

15 September 2020

First shots fired in Schrems II Irish battle

Ireland’s data watchdog has opened an investigation of Facebook’s use of standard contractual clauses, leading to accusations from Max Schrems that the regulator has breached a court order in doing so.

10 September 2020

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