Former Uber cybersecurity head charged for alleged 2016 hack coverup

Uber’s former chief security officer has been charged for his alleged role in concealing Uber’s 2016 data breach – the incident that led to the company paying a then-record $148 million to settle a class action lawsuit.

21 August 2020

EU regulator disagreement leads to Twitter fine delay

The Irish data watchdog’s role as the EU’s leading tech regulator and the GDPR’s ability to hold international giants to account faces further scrutiny.

21 August 2020

Hamburg threatens Clearview with fine over “evasive” responses

Hamburg’s data protection authority will fine embattled facial recognition provider Clearview AI unless it answers the regulator’s questions.

20 August 2020

Schrems attempts to kickstart data transfer enforcement

Max Schrems’ activist group Noyb has filed 101 complaints to data protection authorities across Europe, in an attempt to force regulators to enforce the landmark Schrems II ruling.

18 August 2020

Cayman Islands company uses data protection law to protect shareholder identities

An offshore company in the Cayman Islands has successfully used the territory’s nascent data protection law to stop its government from collecting minority shareholder information.

14 August 2020

Clearview must face biometrics lawsuits in Illinois, judge says

Controversial facial recognition company Clearview has had its request to dismiss or transfer three class action lawsuits it is facing denied by an Illinois judge.

13 August 2020

Hungarian data authority fines Forbes

The Hungarian data authority has fined Forbes over the publication of its well-known list of wealthy figures, saying its legitimate interest test failed to properly consider subjects’ rights.

11 August 2020

European governments threatened over data regulator funding

A senior European Commission figure has promised that the EU stands ready to act against national governments that fail to properly fund their data protection authorities.

10 August 2020

What reducing the planned British Airways fine could mean for the future of data protection

British Airways might pay a fraction of the data breach penalty that was floated last year. Aman Johal of Your Lawyers Ltd, who represents claimants against the airline, says this sends the wrong message.

10 August 2020

Capital One data breach fine signals cloud scrutiny

A US banking regulator has fined Capital One $80 million over problems with its cloud computing security processes that led to a massive data breach.

07 August 2020

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