First ICO GDPR fine slashed

A UK tribunal has cut 63% off the first GDPR fine issued by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office – but refused to overturn the regulatory decision overall.

18 August 2021

Data shows one-stop-shop development and regulators’ appeal failures

New data covering the first three years of GDPR enforcement suggests that some European data protection authorities are struggling to make their fines stick – and that the one-stop-shop’s centre of gravity may be shifting away from Ireland.

13 August 2021

Facebook to pay record San Marino fine

San Marino's data authority has slapped the social media giant with its highest-ever fines for failing to prevent data scraping and verify the ages of minors using the platform.

12 August 2021

Austria imposes profiling fine

Austria’s data watchdog has ordered a loyalty card provider to pay €2 million for unlawfully processing members’ personal data.

11 August 2021

Australia takes steps towards ransomware payment reporting

Australia’s parliament is considering a bill that would force companies that pay ransomware attackers to file mandatory reports to a regulator. DLA Piper senior associate Sarah Birkett unpacks the proposed legislation.

06 August 2021

Deliveroo fined for rider data algorithms

Italy’s data watchdog has criticised food delivery platform Deliveroo for a lack of algorithmic transparency and a disproportionate collection of rider data.

04 August 2021

Interest groups drive blockbuster Big Tech fines

Luxembourg’s record-breaking €746 million Amazon GDPR fine is the latest example of NGOs sparking some of the EU’s most significant cases against online platforms.

03 August 2021

Russia increases data localisation pressure

Russian authorities have fined Google and opened cases against WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter over violations of its personal data law – part of what observers say is a growing crackdown against the tech giants.

02 August 2021

Amazon ordered to pay record GDPR fine

The Luxembourg privacy watchdog has slapped Amazon with the largest fine under European privacy regulation to date – but the company plans to fight the decision.

30 July 2021

China’s new Data Security Law – one month to implementation

Morgan Lewis & Bockius Shanghai partner Todd Liao and associate Sylvia Hu analyse how companies can comply with China’s new data security framework.

30 July 2021

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