FTC commissioner questions privacy and competition overlap

The US Federal Trade Commission’s settlement with email management provider Unroll.me has prompted one of its commissioners to highlight the trade-offs between competition and data privacy.

09 August 2019

Australian platform faces regulatory action over data sales

Australia’s consumer protection regulator has accused the country’s largest online health booking platform of failing to disclose that it sent customer data to insurance brokers.

08 August 2019

Facebook joins FTC in rejecting EPIC’s opposition to $5 billion settlement

The US Federal Trade Commission and Facebook have united in opposing a consumer-advocacy group's efforts to intervene in their recently bartered $5 billion settlement agreement.

07 August 2019

US charges AT&T hacker

A Pakistani national could face up to 20 years in jail after a US federal grand jury indicted him for bribing AT&T employees to plant malware and illegally unlock phones.

07 August 2019

CNIL cookie guideline delay challenged

An NGO and a privacy-focused messaging platform have asked a court to urgently overturn the French data regulator’s decision to delay the implementation of its new cookie guidelines.

06 August 2019

FTC: Equifax claimants should take free credit monitoring instead of cash

The US Federal Trade Commission has advised consumers affected by the Equifax data breach to opt for free credit monitoring rather than making a claim for monetary compensation.

05 August 2019

Hamburg regulator bans Google from listening to smart speaker audio

In a move seen by some as the German regulator expressing its dissatisfaction with the Irish authority’s oversight of big tech, the Hamburg data authority has triggered an as-yet-unused GDPR provision to circumvent Google’s lead EU authority in banning the company from listening to smart speaker audio.

02 August 2019

Facebook wants to seal evidence used in SEC settlement

In a separate legal dispute against the Washington, DC, attorney general, Facebook has filed a motion to seal some of the same evidence used by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in its case against the company for misleading investors – charges related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

02 August 2019

Netherlands government report recommends pause on Microsoft products

A report commissioned by the Dutch justice ministry has recommended that government agencies refrain from using some Microsoft products over privacy concerns.

02 August 2019

Canadian regulator and state AGs set sights on Capital One

The Canadian federal data regulator and several US state attorneys general are investigating Capital One following its recent major data breach.

01 August 2019

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