European TikTok taskforce launched

The European Data Protection Board is set to launch a taskforce to look into TikTok’s data processing practices after numerous calls for action from EU regulators.

11 June 2020

US department store fined $220k for not cooperating with identity theft victims

Department store Kohl’s has agreed to pay the US Federal Trade Commission $220,000 for refusing to provide records of transactions to consumers whose personal information was used by identity thieves.

11 June 2020

Twitter, Equifax and Telefónica in Spanish enforcement deluge

Spain’s data protection authority has lifted an enforcement pause, revealing cases against Twitter, Equifax, Telefónica and dozens of other targets.

11 June 2020

Dutch watchdog fined for late decision

The Dutch data protection authority is facing a fine after a series of delays in responding to a data-sharing complaint – with one lawyer labelling its conduct “strange and questionable”.

10 June 2020

Malindo Air: a stalled landmark case in Malaysian data protection

A landmark trial involving a Malaysian airline is on hold during the country’s covid-19 lockdown.

09 June 2020

GDPR roundup: French yearly report, facial recognition, credit agencies and more

This latest roundup of activity by European data protection watchdogs shows that they remain busy enforcing and advising on a range of issues.

09 June 2020

Close encounters of the technological kind: How unregulated technologies cashed in on covid-19

Keith Oliver and Amalia Neenan of Peters & Peters call for regulation of technology used to combat covid-19.

09 June 2020

California AG requests expedited review of CCPA regulations

Strained for resources in the midst of a budget crisis and the covid-19 pandemic, California’s governor has extended the state’s timeline to review new regulations – but the attorney general has requested that the extension be disregarded so that the CCPA rules can be ready when the law goes into force next month.

08 June 2020

FTC member dissents in COPPA settlement, arguing no harm

A children’s app developer has agreed to pay the US Federal Trade Commission a $150,000 over its tracking and consent policies – but one FTC member dissented on the grounds that the settlement was too harsh.

05 June 2020

Pressure mounts for US FTC to reinvestigate TikTok

The Federal Trade Commission is being urged to investigate popular social media site TikTok for allegedly violating its 2019 settlement agreement for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

04 June 2020

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