FBI detains former Amazon worker over Capital One breach

A former Amazon engineer is in custody in Seattle after allegedly hacking into a Capital One server and stealing data relating to around 100 million people.

30 July 2019

Swiss Supreme Court allows tax authorities to share UBS client data with France

Switzerland’s highest court has ruled that the Federal Tax Administration can share the identities of customers of Swiss bank UBS with French authorities.

30 July 2019

Class action negotiations underpinned $700 million Equifax penalty

The multi-regulator $700 million Equifax data breach settlement was reached in large part due to the efforts of lawyers representing plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against the credit reporting agency.

29 July 2019

Names not needed for right to be forgotten, Italian data regulator argues

The Italian data regulator has told Google that the right to be forgotten applies even when an individual is not identified by name.

26 July 2019

CNIL targets another company over basic security failures

France’s data regulator has fined insurer Active Assurances €180,000 – around 2% of the company’s annual turnover – marking the fourth time the regulator has heavily penalised basic data security failings in the last two years.

25 July 2019

Zuckerberg: tech industry needs guidance on data

Hours after the Federal Trade Commission revealed its historic $5 billion Facebook settlement, the company’s chief executive said the tech industry needs regulatory guidance on how to handle personal data.

25 July 2019

FTC splits along party lines over Facebook decision

After weeks of speculation, the US Federal Trade Commission has confirmed it is fining Facebook $5 billion over the Cambridge Analytica scandal – but the regulator’s two Democratic members have said the settlement doesn’t go far enough.

24 July 2019

Equifax case highlights need for federal data law, FTC chair says

The Federal Trade Commission would have been unable to reach a settlement of the magnitude of its $700 million settlement with Equifax without the help of other regulators, the agency’s chair Joseph Simons has said.

23 July 2019

Equifax to pay $700 million in FTC settlement agreement

The US Federal Trade Commission said today that it and other regulatory agencies have reached a settlement with the US credit-reporting company Equifax for a 2017 data breach that affected roughly 147 million people.

22 July 2019

Russia’s watchdog fines Google over failure to block content

Google is facing the maximum possible fine under the Russian content-blocking rules after the search engine failed to block access to websites banned in the country.

19 July 2019

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