German court refuses to rule on Kaspersky complaint

Germany’s federal constitutional court has decided not to rule on a complaint lodged by the anti-virus provider, after its request for an injunction against a government agency warning about its software was denied.

13 June 2022

Finnish decision foreshadows GDPR and Data Act clash

Finland’s data protection authority has said historical car maintenance data can be classified as personal data under the GDPR, opening a question on how proposals for non-personal data sharing under the Data Act will work.

10 June 2022

Orders to delete algorithms cause corporate confusion

A growing trend for ordering companies to delete algorithms containing illegally acquired data is an onerous process that many aren’t prepared to follow.

08 June 2022

2022’s biggest data privacy and cybersecurity US regulations so far

From the growing patchwork of state-level data privacy laws to federal agencies tightening their cybersecurity requirements, 2022 has been a busy year for US data privacy and cybersecurity regulation. GDR highlights some of the key developments in the last six months.

06 June 2022

Sweden investigates pharmacy chains over Facebook transfers

The Swedish data watchdog is investigating three pharmacy chains over the collection of personal data from visitors to their web shops through Facebook pixels and the subsequent transfer of that data to Meta.

06 June 2022

Norway DPA investigates statistics agency

Norway’s data regulator has launched an inspection of the government’s statistics bureau, after it ordered the county’s largest supermarket groups to provide information about customer transactions.

06 June 2022

EDPB rejects appeal for renewed PSD2 guidance

The EDPB has declined to update its guidance on the interplay of PSD2 and the GDPR, despite insistence from industry that the current directions are having a negative impact on the sector.

01 June 2022

UK intensifies Google scrutiny with new adtech probe

The UK’s antitrust watchdog is investigating whether Google unlawfully tied and self-preferenced its services in different parts of the digital advertising technology sector, adding to similar probes by EU, US and French competition enforcers.

01 June 2022

FTC reigns as de facto US data privacy enforcer

With no nationwide data privacy law in the US the Federal Trade Commission has established itself as the prime enforcer for privacy matters, even while other government agencies and private entities jockey to regulate private data.

31 May 2022

SEC’s ESG disclosure requirements could tackle cybersecurity and privacy next

The US securities watchdog’s proposed ESG disclosure requirements could eventually creep into privacy and cybersecurity notices as corporate strategies and the regulator’s focus expands.

27 May 2022

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