Facebook loses Colombian cybersecurity appeal

Colombia’s data protection enforcer has ordered Facebook to certifiably improve its security measures in the country – quashing an appeal by the social media company in the process.

16 April 2020

Emergency measures force Google to pay publishers for content use

A French regulator has given Google three months to negotiate an acceptable fee to pay news publishers for displaying their content in its search results, following allegations that the company implemented abusive practices after the implementation of the EU Copyright Directive.

14 April 2020

Ireland delays stricter cookie consent rules

Ireland’s data regulator has released new guidance on cookie consent, but said websites will not be expected to comply for six months.

08 April 2020

GDPR Roundup: Privacy fines, cooperation penalty and IOT crackdown

GDR’s latest news roundup from European regulators includes data breaches, questions about data collected by connected cars and the imposition of fines for blocking investigations.

07 April 2020

Dutch watchdog enforcement attacked

A formal complaint against the Dutch data protection authority – seen exclusively by GDR – has accused the watchdog of failing GDPR standards of fair supervision and good governance.

03 April 2020

ICO’s British Airways and Marriott delays signal fine reductions

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has again delayed deciding whether to impose large fines on British Airways and Marriott – with both companies indicating the proposed penalties may be reduced.

31 March 2020

Google French fine quashed

Following a landmark right to be forgotten ruling from the European Court of Justice, France’s highest court has struck down a decision that fined Google for refusing to remove listings off its search engine globally.

27 March 2020

FTC denied request for GDPR disclosure

An administrative law judge has denied the US Federal Trade Commission’s motion for a Nevada-based data centre to produce internal documents about its compliance with the GDPR.

25 March 2020

French cookie consent policy delayed again

France’s data regulator will put its stricter tracking cookie guidelines on hold – having already delayed implementing them for almost a year.

25 March 2020

UK to force food supply data sharing

Proposed emergency coronavirus powers would allow UK authorities to force food supply chain participants to disclose data that would allow them to track disruption.

19 March 2020

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