Experian to fight ICO enforcement

The stage is set for a showdown between the UK data regulator and major credit reference agency Experian over how the company uses data for marketing.

27 October 2020

Denis survives CNIL leadership challenge

A French court has refused to strike down the appointment of Marie-Laure Denis as the head of France’s data regulator.

22 October 2020

DOJ: Google’s monopoly power erodes user privacy

A long-awaited US Department of Justice antitrust lawsuit has accused Google of amassing monopoly power that has reduced user data privacy – and denied competitors the data they need to compete with the company.

21 October 2020

European data chiefs hint at Schrems II enforcement position

The heads of two influential pan-European data authorities have revealed some aspects of their plans to deal with the fallout from the Schrems II decision.

21 October 2020

Bolsonaro finally appoints DPA directors, but privacy advocates voice concerns

Brazil’s government has finally appointed decision-makers at its Data Protection Authority – but observers say the military-laden board, which has little experience with data privacy, might not properly enforce the LGPD.

20 October 2020

Five key takeaways from the British Airways fine

The landmark British Airways GDPR fine contains a wealth of insight for data lawyers. GDR highlights key issues that practitioners and their clients need to know.

19 October 2020

Why the ICO British Airways penalty was slashed

GDR can reveal how British Airways persuaded the UK data regulator to cut a planned record-breaking £183.4 million (€204 million) GDPR fine by nearly 90%.

16 October 2020

British Airways data breach fine cut to £20 million

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has finally fined British Airways over a data breach – but many millions less than originally intended and months after deadline.

16 October 2020

EDPB looks to ease consistency chaos

In a move addressing one of the primary sticking points in the enforcement of the GDPR, the European Data Protection Board has clarified how EU data regulators can object to decisions made by their counterparts in cross-border cases.

15 October 2020

Microsoft to continue hosting French health data – for now

A French administrative judge has refused to order France’s health database to stop processing personal information on Microsoft’s cloud, despite Schrems II-driven fears that US intelligence could access it – but France may nonetheless take the data away from Microsoft.

14 October 2020

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