Multimillion-euro German fine overturned, but fight continues

A €14.5 million GDPR fine against a German realtor is the latest blow to German data watchdogs’ enforcement efforts – but the regulator that levied the penalty said it will fight the court’s decision.

26 February 2021

Companies focus on data-led product development, GDR report shows

An exclusive GDR survey suggests the private sector is extensively using data assets to create new products and services – and may be shifting its focus away from commercialising personal data by using it to target online adverts.

26 February 2021

NY regulator: Facebook didn’t fully cooperate with data investigation

The New York Department of Financial Services has finished probing how Facebook handles sensitive data from third-party apps, finding that the company has made strides to protect privacy in recent years – but also noting that the social media platform didn’t fully cooperate with its investigation.

23 February 2021

GDPR immaterial damages pressure builds

The head of the Dutch data protection authority has said compensation for violations of the GDPR which do not cause financial harm should be the rule rather than the exception – adding to a movement that has recently gained momentum.

22 February 2021

Schrems II enforcement process begins in Germany

German data protection authorities will soon interrogate companies on their compliance with the new data transfer rules mandated by the Schrems II ruling.

19 February 2021

Facebook hit with second Italian fine over data notices

Italy’s competition regulator has fined Facebook €7 million for its failure to clearly explain to users how it makes money from their data.

17 February 2021

Mexico’s president continues efforts to shut down independent data regulator

Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador is continuing to pursue a plan to shutter the country’s independent data regulator, despite warnings that such a move could violate the law and harm Mexico’s international reputation.

16 February 2021

FTC acting chief hints at hardline enforcement approach

Acting US Federal Trade Commission chair Rebecca Kelly Slaughter has suggested the agency should use its full arsenal to tackle companies that have grown powerful off the back of troves of consumer data.

11 February 2021

Dutch regulator set to gain hundreds of staff

The Dutch data protection authority looks set to hire hundreds of new staff and receive tens of millions of euros in new funding.

10 February 2021

Report: Outdated technology holding back Irish GDPR enforcement

An Irish NGO says the country’s GDPR enforcement efforts are being hampered by a long-delayed Data Protection Commission IT update.

09 February 2021

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