Looking for clues to future data oversight in new CMA powers

The UK’s antitrust regulator has gained a raft of new powers that could affect tech and data-heavy firms, but long-promised reform of digital rules is still conspicuous by its absence.

21 April 2022

CNIL issues €1.5 million GDPR fine

The French data protection regulator has fined a data processor around the equivalent of its net profit for 2020 for GDPR breaches affecting the personal data of almost 500,000 people.

21 April 2022

Activists argue tech giants could dodge DMA rules

Activists have made a last-ditch attempt to revise aspects of the Digital Markets Act, which they say may leave the door open for tech giants to circumvent the law’s intent.

19 April 2022

Dutch tax authority slapped with second record GDPR fine

The Netherlands’ data regulator has issued a €3.7 million fine against the country’s tax authority – the highest Dutch GDPR fine to date – for compiling a secret fraud blacklist that sometimes incorrectly registered people as possible fraudsters.

14 April 2022

Colorado AG shares keys to drafting state privacy laws

Colorado’s attorney-general Philip Weiser unpacked the varying levels of interoperability and the  prospective approach needed for the development of state-level privacy laws.

13 April 2022

Finnish watchdog issues Pegasus-linked reprimand

Finland’s data regulator has found that the country’s foreign affairs ministry failed to report a data breach resulting from a spyware operation targeting Finnish diplomats.

12 April 2022

FTC eyes new privacy rules

US Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan has said her agency is considering expanding its rules and aiming complaints at the big and middlemen players in data collection.

12 April 2022

Gibson Dunn snags former FTC chief of staff

The new Gibson Dunn & Crutcher partner says the US Federal Trade Commission is bolstering its privacy focus and may attempt more court battles and creative approaches to enforcement.

11 April 2022

First settlement under DOJ cyber fraud initiative hints at more to come

Lawyers say the US Department of Justice and federal regulators are increasingly investigating companies’ cybersecurity measures.

08 April 2022

Hamburg puts Google on notice over faulty cookie banners

Hamburg’s data regulator has warned Google that cookie banners on its search engine and YouTube do not comply with data protection law.

08 April 2022

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