Special Report: Civil society drives the GDPR

Activists are turning to litigation to force policy change. GDR tracks how NGO-led litigation is shifting the regulatory agenda and pushed the boundaries of European data protection law.

17 March 2023

China finalises standard contract for international transfers

Linklaters counsel Alex Roberts and Zhao Sheng associates Roger Li and Tiantian Ke analyse China’s much-awaited finalised Personal Information Export Standard Contract.

10 March 2023

EU cloud banks on compliance needs

Native European cloud companies have always struggled to compete against the American hyperscalers, but as the tech sector faces an uphill 2023, cloud providers across the EU are looking to leverage regulatory needs as a competitive advantage.

24 February 2023

Canada’s Home Depot investigation highlights ad analytics tools’ potential consent risks

Blake Cassels & Graydon partner Wendy Mee and associate Ellie Marshall analyse the Canadian federal privacy regulator’s investigation of Home Depot and its impact.

22 February 2023

Data Changemakers: Baroness Kidron

5Rights founder Baroness Kidron says she will consider litigation if upcoming laws need further interpretation.

10 February 2023

GDR 100 Elite interviews: Cooley’s Travis LeBlanc and Patrick Van Eecke

Co-Lead of Cooley’s cyber/data/privacy practice and global litigation department Travis LeBlanc and head of Cooley’s European cyber/data/privacy practice Patrick Van Eecke discuss how the firm’s practice is weathering an economic slowdown and why EU-wide class actions and the SEC’s proposed cybersecurity requirements are keeping clients up at night.

27 January 2023

Impressive, but not always right: ChatGPT and data protection compliance

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has prompted questions about how it could affect compliance work such as the drafting of privacy notices. GDR spoke to leading practitioners who have experimented with the tool.

23 January 2023

ECJ case may create “significant” insolvency hurdles

A recent European Court of Justice referral could influence the debate over the tradability of data, with insolvency lawyers raising concerns that the case could restrict the ability of creditors to satisfy claims over databases.

20 January 2023

Ontario Court of Appeal limits “database defendant” class actions

Dentons partners Chloe Snider, Kristen Thompson and Michael Schafler and associate Luca Lucarini analyse landmark Ontario appellate judgments that will affect the application of the intrusion upon seclusion tort to Canadian data breach class actions.

17 January 2023

Global data flows in 2023: Will transfers become easier, harder or just more complex?

Linklaters counsel Alex Roberts in Shanghai and Peter Church in London discuss global developments in cross-border data transfer regimes in 2022 and what might be on the horizon in 2023.

13 January 2023

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