Online content-sharing platforms breathe a sigh of relief

Platform operators will welcome a recent European Court of Justice advocate-general opinion on their liability for hosting illegal content, says Natalie Ellerby of Linklaters in London.

29 July 2020

Dunnhumby: Insights from the data adviser to the retail industry

GDR spoke to Alison Williams, head of data at Dunnhumby – a consultancy that has advised retailers on using their data to improve their businesses since 1989. An early pioneer in data-driven business, the company has helped the UK and US retail sectors to become some of the most sophisticated and competitive in the world.

23 July 2020

China unveils draft Data Security Law

A new proposed Chinese data law intended to protect national security and the development of the digital economy sets out a series of measures designed to enhance data security. If enacted, the law could profoundly alter data security practices in China, as well as provide scope for extraterritorial application.

20 July 2020

Schrems II: the data protection community reacts

Yesterday’s Schrems II ruling lived up to expectations – just like the first iteration of the dispute, it has thrown a spanner in works for companies hoping to transfer data abroad, particularly to the US. GDR has analysed the data protection community’s reactions and thoughts on the implications of the decision.

17 July 2020

Chinese data protection: the move towards a comprehensive law

The largest overhaul of China’s civil law system in the country’s modern history has introduced important provisions regarding the right to privacy and protection of personal information. The country still doesn’t have a GDPR-style comprehensive data protection law in place, but with more updates to come, lawyers say it could be on the way – and that businesses should prepare.

14 July 2020

The end of the right to be forgotten?

David Erdos, a senior law lecturer at the University of Cambridge whose work was recently cited by the Swedish data protection authority in its dispute with Google, spoke to GDR about the future of the right to be forgotten, the one-stop-shop and GDPR enforcement.

10 July 2020

Debevoise: data strategy in focus

Debevoise & Plimpton partners Luke Dembosky and Avi Gesser head the firm’s data strategy and security practice. They told GDR about their plan to focus on data strategy, anticipating AI regulation, and getting regulators to talk to each other.

09 July 2020

South African data law enacted after seven-year delay

Major provisions of South Africa’s 2013 Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) are finally being enacted after seven years of delays. What does the arrival of this long anticipated law mean for those on the ground?

08 July 2020

GDPR two-year review: the data protection community reacts

The European Commission’s two-year review of the GDPR has highlighted areas for improvement in enforcement of the landmark legislation. Regulators and experts tell GDR what has changed, what needs work, and what is to come.

03 July 2020

Changes coming to Singapore’s personal data protection framework

Significant changes to Singapore’s flagship privacy regime will bring it in line with international norms.

02 July 2020

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