GDR Special Report Q1 2021: Digital Services Act

GDR explores the provisions of the EU's planned Digital Services Act.

31 March 2021

GDR Special Report Q1 2021: Security and protection

Companies in multiple sectors will need to deal with new "pure" EU cybersecurity measures.

31 March 2021

GDR Special Report Q1 2021: Use and commercialisation

New EU legislation will affect how companies use and process data once they have acquired it.

31 March 2021

GDR Special Report Q1 2021: Access and acquisition

Many of the European Commission’s planned measures aim to make it easier for companies to get their hands on various types of data.

31 March 2021

GDR Special Report Q1 2021: Introduction

A raft of new European legislation will affect corporate data acquisition, use and security across the EU. GDR sets out what companies need to know.

31 March 2021

California’s data enforcer is already strapped for cash

Five board members have been named for California’s first data regulator, but one of the appointees has already raised concerns about a lack of resourcing.

30 March 2021

Cookies, cohorts and competition: the attention economy battleground

Digital advertising is becoming increasingly fraught. Will industry players feeling the squeeze be able to survive the threat of enforcement on the one hand, and Big Tech on the other?

29 March 2021

European data enforcers can’t make their fines stick

Nearly €80 million in fines levied by European data protection authorities have been dropped.

25 March 2021

UK data protection litigation analysis: the data and the gaps

GDR publishes the dataset that underpins its analysis of recent UK data protection litigation – and highlights how an opaque court system makes it tough to improve the data.

24 March 2021

Introducing the GDR Big Data Index

Aimed at providing insights on the market for data as an asset, GDR has created a weighted index tracking companies involved with adtech, AI, cloud storage, semiconductor manufacturing and other sectors related to big data.

22 March 2021

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