LGPD looms, but still no data protection commissioners for Brazil

The lack of a data protection authority in Brazil has left unanswered questions about how to follow the impending General Data Protection Law – and some companies are delaying compliance efforts until more clarity is provided.

12 March 2020

CDOs: how to make the role work

As chief data officers become increasingly vital to businesses’ success, Gary Richardson, managing director for emerging technology at tech consultancy 6point6, looks at how CDOs need to evolve their role beyond defensive strategy and towards being a catalyst for transformation.

09 March 2020

How mixing datasets could revolutionise the adtech industry

Washington, DC start-up UBDI is pairing big data with consumer-generated surveys in an attempt to innovate the targeted advertising industry and allow people to generate revenue from their own information. GDR interviewed UBDI chief executive Dana Budzyn and chief revenue officer Mark Kilaghbian about their company and how it could change the adtech space.

06 March 2020

Analysis: The GDPR in numbers

GDR has analysed recently-released figures from the European Data Protection Board in an attempt to help tell the story of the GDPR's success so far. The numbers look at enforcers' resources compared to their caseload, the powers they have used, and how they plan to ramp up their budgets in 2020.

27 February 2020

Oversight board: NSA spent $100m on 15 intelligence reports

With a 15 March deadline looming for Congress to decide whether to reauthorize the US National Security Agency’s controversial phone records collection scheme, an oversight body has declassified a scathing report that calls into question the programme’s constitutionality, as well as its value to national security.

27 February 2020

How a Nasdaq unit prices its data assets

Nasdaq’s head of alternative data tells GDR how the exchange’s subsidiary Quandl adds value to investment decision-makers – and how the company assesses the value of the information it sells.

24 February 2020

Tight timeline for ambitious US military cybersecurity plan

The US Department of Defense is requiring its roughly 350,000 military contractors to have their cybersecurity systems independently assessed to be eligible for future projects.

18 February 2020

The price of disclosing personal data

Finn Raben, director-general of data, research, insights and analytics industry association ESOMAR, provides valuable insight on how data-rich companies can improve trust and adopt ethical practices.

17 February 2020

Bavaria’s new data regulator keeps fingers crossed for Schrems reversal

Michael Will has just started a five-year tenure as Bavaria’s data protection chief. He spoke to GDR about cooperation, consistency and contractual clauses.

13 February 2020

An insight into the data trade

Shortly after XLP Capital’s Matt Stack stole the show during a Data Business Congress panel on dealing with data, GDR spoke to him about how he finds and gathers information.

12 February 2020

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