Sophie in ‘t Veld: legislation needed to end covid-19 data sharing

MEP and data privacy advocate Sophie in ‘t Veld explains her concerns over the sharing of personal data to help tackle the covid-19 crisis.

27 April 2020

The anatomy of a data strategy – part I: the starting point

Through a four-part series, GDR breaks down the key components of a successful data strategy – especially its creation and implementation. Part I looks at kicking the process off.

27 April 2020

Big data weathers the economic storm

Data-driven companies have mostly outperformed the market during the economic shutdown, with cloud computing leading the way and posting modest gains thus far in 2020.

23 April 2020

Wiewiórowski: Europe must use data together to fight covid-19

European Data Protection Supervisor Wojciech Wiewiórowski tells GDR how European institutions are working together to leverage data to tackle the covid-19 pandemic.

22 April 2020

Uber’s European DPO on the challenges and value of data sharing

Simon Hania is data protection officer at Uber, where he leads a global team that independently monitors and advises on the company’s compliance with the GDPR. GDR spoke to Hania on the sidelines of the annual CPDP conference in Brussels to speak about being a DPO at Uber, data strategy, implementing the GDPR and collaborating with city authorities.

21 April 2020

Using Zoom safely

Mathilde Groppo of Carter-Ruck in London addresses the security risks associated with video-conferencing platform Zoom amid its coronavirus-related explosion in popularity, and how users can use the software safely.

20 April 2020

Jelinek: data protection doesn’t hinder covid-19 fight

Andrea Jelinek, who heads the EDPB and Austria’s data watchdog, tells GDR how the covid-19 crisis has affected the organisation and data protection across Europe.

17 April 2020

Data loss, disaster recovery and coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a wealth of data security issues, including increased risk of data loss. GDR spoke to KPMG chief information advisory manager Nick Amin about the new risks and what businesses can do to avoid losing valuable data.

15 April 2020

How to realise the value of data while preparing for a cyberbreach

Companies need to maximise the value of their data – but doing so can increase breach risks. Fieldfisher’s Judy Krieg explores how to get the balance right.

09 April 2020

How Singapore is leading the way in Asia-Pacific data trade

The conclusion of negotiations for a digital trade agreement between Singapore and Australia demonstrates an ever-increasing emphasis in the region on data flows as a core component of international trade.

08 April 2020

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