PECR following Lloyd v Google

In the wake of Lloyd v Google, Keller Lenkner UK’s head of data breach Kingsley Hayes says PECR could become a powerful tool for claimants.

01 December 2021

Lloyd v Google – are representative actions dead?

Taylor Wessing senior counsel Michael Yates examines the fallout of Lloyd v Google.

24 November 2021

US makes ransomware a top national security priority

The US has responded to the increasing size and consequence of ransomware attacks by throwing the full weight of its national security state at the problem.

18 November 2021

Lloyd v Google: the judgment

Richard Lloyd’s loss of a groundbreaking class action against Google may be a bad day for lawyers and litigation funders, but the Supreme Court ruling may yet allow some other class actions to go ahead.

10 November 2021

Lloyd v Google: analysis and the future

The Safari Workaround judgment is sobering reading for claimants, but it could still be possible for them to fit their cases to the Supreme Court’s reasoning.

10 November 2021

Climate change and data

World leaders are focusing on COP26 and the climate crisis. SnapLogic chief technology officer Craig Stewart outlines how data, AI and machine learning could help the world fight back.

02 November 2021

Maja Smoltczyk: The exit interview

Berlin privacy chief Maja Smoltczyk has become a key player in the European data protection landscape. Shortly before her retirement, she told GDR about the GDPR’s successes and failings, how her office reached Germany’s first multimillion-euro fine, and its ongoing audit of the aftermath of Schrems II.

27 October 2021

UK litigation Q3 2021 update: a slowdown, but not a halt

A recent judgment appears to have slowed the growth of UK data protection claims, but some plaintiff firms continue to drive the market.

07 October 2021

Offshore regulator left in the dark about Pandora Papers

GDR has learned that the Cayman Islands data protection authority has received no breach notifications about what is reportedly the largest trove of leaked offshore financial data in history.

05 October 2021

The future of UK data protection – All still to play for?

Linklaters TMT and IP head Richard Cumbley analyses the upcoming potential changes to the UK's data framework.

22 September 2021

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