International transfers

DPC clears hurdle in Facebook SCC probe

A court’s refusal to block an investigation of Facebook’s EU-US data transfers has confirmed that the Irish regulator has “wide discretion” when deciding how to carry out its investigations.

17 May 2021

Microsoft begins EU data localisation process

Microsoft will let its commercial and public sector customers store all of their data in the EU from 2023, in what appears to be the first concrete response of a major cloud provider to the Schrems II ruling.

10 May 2021

Google data transfers enforcement heats up

Austria’s data protection authority has heard submissions from Google and Max Schrems’s activist group over data transfers to the US – in enforcement that Schrems suggests could be worth billions.

06 May 2021

Portuguese regulator halts Cloudflare transfers

Portugal’s data watchdog has ordered a public body to immediately stop transfers to popular US-based web infrastructure company Cloudflare – but Cloudflare says the regulator has got its facts wrong.

30 April 2021

Japan crackdown on Line messaging app starts

Japan’s increasingly muscular data protection authority has ordered the operator of a popular messaging app to improve its practices following a high-profile data transfer mishap.

27 April 2021

US defends sanctions against Chinese data processing company

The US Department of Justice has urged a court to reject Luokung Technology Corp’s attempt to obtain a temporary reprieve from Trump-era sanctions imposed over alleged links to China’s military.

22 April 2021

Panama data protection law goes into effect

Panama’s new data protection law is loosely based on GDPR, but it offers wide exemptions for big tech companies and the financial sector.

22 April 2021

EDPB: international agreements need to be reviewed

The European Data Protection Board has urged EU national governments to review international agreements in areas as diverse as tax and police cooperation to check for clashes with the GDPR and the Schrems II judgment.

19 April 2021

Biden administration mulls an end to TikTok and WeChat litigation

The Biden administration has said that it may end Trump’s campaign to ban TikTok and WeChat from the US.

19 April 2021

US and UK blame SolarWinds hack on Russian government

US President Joe Biden has expelled 10 Russian diplomats and imposed a new round of sanctions on the country after the FBI and two other agencies determined that Russia’s government helped facilitate the SolarWinds hack.

16 April 2021

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