International transfers

UK confirms plans for new data law this year

The UK government will introduce a new data protection bill in the coming months, but a lack of detail means that businesses are still in suspense over what the new regime will mean.

10 May 2022

Austrian watchdog rejects risk-based approach to data transfers

Following a complaint filed in 2020 by NGO noyb, the Austrian regulator held that the operator of an online comparison website unlawfully used Google Analytics and could not rely on a risk-based approach to transfer data to third countries.

03 May 2022

APEC launches global data transfer initiative

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is extending its data transfer certifications beyond its member countries and standardising some cross-border data flow complexities.

22 April 2022

Commission’s PNR prevarication draws MEP’s ire

The European Commission’s response to a European parliament question on passenger name record data has been greeted with frustration, with a prominent MEP pointing to an inconsistency in approach between countries.

22 April 2022

Women in Data 2022: Challenges

Common themes emerged across the 46 profiles featured in Women in Data 2022. GDR rounds up the areas that nominees said were the most significant current challenges.

13 April 2022

Estonia bans Yandex over Russian data sharing

The Estonian government has imposed sanctions on ride-hailing services provided by Russia’s largest internet company because it is forced to share personal data with Russian authorities, and urged the European Union to follow suit.

04 April 2022

Speculation over role of new ‘court’ in Privacy Shield 2.0

Details about the new data transfer agreement between the EU and US are still thin on the ground, but one hope is that the new process will feature a more robust means of settling disputes than the previous Privacy Shield.

29 March 2022

Uncertainty continues as new EU-US data flows deal agreed

The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework is likely to ease transfers from the EU to the US in the short term, but scrutiny of the new adequacy measure’s redress mechanism is inevitable.

25 March 2022

DCMS official: global transfers solution needed

Governments should examine multilateral solutions to help resolve international transfer complexity, a senior UK data policy official has said.

24 March 2022

ICO and DPC to coordinate on enforcement priorities

UK information commissioner John Edwards has said his regulator is working with its Irish counterpart to avoid subjecting companies to unnecessarily divergent regulation, in  a speech that emphasised the official’s intent to increase legal certainty for data holders.

23 March 2022

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