International transfers

US and Singapore renew commitment to free data flows

Trade officials from the US and Singapore have reiterated their support for free flow of data and objections to data localisation – with some observers suggesting the US may be seeking a digital trade deal with the southeast Asian city-state.

07 February 2020

Former Guantanamo inmate sues Refinitiv over global risk database

A former Guantanamo inmate has accused data provider Refinitiv of illegally holding data about him on the company's influential World-Check database – including by inaccurately putting him in its "terrorism" category

27 January 2020

Software association forms data flow alliance

A major software industry association has formed a cross-industry alliance to promote free flow of data around the world.

24 January 2020

Prominent MEP pitches industry-friendly data overhaul

The Member of European Parliament behind controversial copyright measures has proposed a wide-ranging set of data reforms that he says would boost Europe’s digital economy.

23 January 2020

Privacy Shield under fire in European Parliament

Members of the European Parliament have slammed EU and US institutions’ oversight of the EU-US Privacy Shield scheme.

13 January 2020

TikTok data practices attacked

Popular social media platform TikTok has illicitly “vacuumed up” and transferred users’ data to Chinese servers, according to a US federal lawsuit.

04 December 2019

Brazilian prosecutor presses Facebook for data disclosure

The Brazilian federal prosecution service has told an appeals court that Facebook should be forced to disclose information for a criminal investigation.

04 December 2019

Gencarelli: Schrems II will also affect BCRs

The European Commission’s head of international data transfers has said the upcoming Schrems II judgment will affect whether companies can use binding corporate rules – as well as the standard contractual clauses at issue in the case.

20 November 2019

FTC sues data centre company for false Privacy Shield claims

The US Federal Trade Commission has sued a data centre company for allegedly falsely claiming to be Privacy Shield-compliant.

08 November 2019

European Commission criticises US Privacy Shield enforcement

The European Commission has highlighted an apparent lack of enforcement against substantive EU-US Privacy Shield violations by the US Federal Trade Commission, and criticised the US watchdog’s failure to share sufficient enforcement information.

24 October 2019

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