International transfers

Swiss Supreme Court allows tax authorities to share UBS client data with France

Switzerland’s highest court has ruled that the Federal Tax Administration can share the identities of customers of Swiss bank UBS with French authorities.

30 July 2019

Australia’s encryption law probably incompatible with CLOUD Act and GDPR, lawyers warn

The Law Council of Australia has said that a controversial law that enables government agencies to compel companies to access and decipher encrypted communication clashes with major US and EU data laws.

22 July 2019

CLOUD Act conflicts with GDPR, EDPB says

The European Data Protection Board has said that an international agreement between the US and the EU is required to ensure that information requests under the US Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act’s (CLOUD Act) comply with European law.

15 July 2019

Irish data regulator urges ECJ to scrap SCCs

Counsel for privacy activist Max Schrems has rejected the Irish data protection commissioner’s call for standard contractual clauses to be scrapped in favour of a “more measured approach”, while Facebook has said any such scrapping would endanger the EU’s free trade commitments.

09 July 2019

China strengthens international data transfer requirements

New draft rules by China’s cybersecurity regulator would force network operators to seek permission before sending data abroad, expanding the scope of planned rules that previously only applied to critical information infrastructure operators.

14 June 2019

Canada reframes data transfers consultation

Canada’s privacy watchdog has added to its controversial data transfers consultation to seek suggestions on proposed federal privacy reform.

14 June 2019

Lithuanian watchdog starts D-Link GDPR probe

Lithuania’s data protection authority is investigating a Taiwanese communications hardware company over allegations that its routers sent data to Russia – two years after the company faced a US federal investigation over its data security practices.

12 June 2019

Irish Supreme Court rejects Facebook’s Schrems II appeal

Ireland’s highest court has rejected Facebook’s attempt to block a referral concerning the validity of standard contractual clauses to the European of Justice.

31 May 2019

EU gives guidance on data flow regulation

The European Commission has issued guidance for businesses on a new law governing the free flow of non-personal data.

30 May 2019

Lessons from the EU–Japan mutual adequacy arrangement

Dechert London partner Paul Kavanagh and associate Dylan Balbirnie assess what the recent EU–Japan adequacy deal demonstrates about the European Commission’s approach to adequacy.

14 May 2019

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