FBI: Chinese hackers tried to steal covid-19 research

A US federal grand jury has indicted two Chinese hackers for allegedly stealing trade secrets and personal data from hundreds of victims for the benefit of China’s government.

22 July 2020

US AI commission recommends export controls for data

A council of top current and former US tech, military and intelligence officials has recommended that the country’s government place export controls on sensitive American data that could be used by competitors in the race for artificial intelligence supremacy.

21 July 2020

Horse racing data providers clash again

A company that sells horse race-related data and footage to bookmakers has attacked a judgment that held it liable for unauthorised collection, use and sale of data from race courses.

08 July 2020

HiQ: SCOTUS should not review scraping judgment

Data analytics company hiQ Labs has asked the US Supreme Court to deny LinkedIn’s petition to review an appeals court judgment that effectively allowed hiQ to scrape the platform’s public user data and resell it.

30 June 2020

Scraper fights back against Ryanair lawsuit

An Irish court will hear allegations that Ryanair’s attempt to block a Romanian company from scraping its data constitutes an abuse of the airline’s dominant position.

29 June 2020

Salesforce faces database access lawsuit

A real estate auction provider is seeking to hold its platform holder Salesforce liable for a rival company’s misappropriation of its proprietary database.

22 June 2020

AI startup denied injunction against Facebook

A Boston federal judge has denied Massachusetts-based Neural Magic’s motion for a preliminary injunction against Facebook, finding that the facts of the case are too contested to conclude that the startup is reasonably likely to prove that Facebook stole its AI trade secrets.

01 June 2020

Thomson Reuters sues over database scraping

Thomson Reuters is pursuing rivals for allegedly using a third-party company’s scraping software to steal its extensive legal database.

12 May 2020

Emergency measures force Google to pay publishers for content use

A French regulator has given Google three months to negotiate an acceptable fee to pay news publishers for displaying their content in its search results, following allegations that the company implemented abusive practices after the implementation of the EU Copyright Directive.

14 April 2020

Translation company data misuse lawsuit to continue

A Manhattan federal judge has refused to dismiss allegations that a translation company illegally acquired confidential data held in a Credit Suisse data room during a potential takeover – but ended part of the lawsuit that relied on computer fraud allegations.

24 March 2020

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